Lync2013 to customers

After spoken to Microsoft the other day, they told me when clients will be able to download Lync2013.
VL customers will be able to download it from mid November.
GA customers will be able to download it from mid February 2013.

Volume Licensing customer in about 2 weeks time on their MS Portal........
Time to start working.....:-)


Lync2013 RTM is out!!!

Last wedensday Microsoft delivered Lync2013, Exchange 2013, Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 RTM. This can be downloadet from Technet and MSDN.

Happy Downloading...........


Lync2013 client on Office 365

From what I understand on Microsoft. If you runs Lync in the cloud with Office 365. There is no way problems useing the Lync2013 Preview client.

I have never tested it but I asked around.........Please contact med if you tries it out and tell me the experience.


Persistent Chat Server

Lync Server 2013 Preview, Persistent Chat Server communications software is part of the Lync Server 2013 Preview infrastructure.
Deploying Lync Server 2013 Preview, Persistent Chat Server requires that you:
  • Use Topology Builder to define, or import, and subsequently publish your topology and the components that you want to deploy.
  • Prepare your environment for deploying Persistent Chat Server components.
  • Install and configure Persistent Chat Server components for your deployment.
Depending on your topology, you can install Persistent Chat Server on a single computer or multiple computers.
A Persistent Chat Server pool can exist with a Lync Server 2013 Preview Enterprise Edition Front End pool. However, you cannot collocate Persistent Chat Server for Enterprise Edition with any other server. For more information about Persistent Chat Server collocation restrictions, see Set Up System Platforms in the Deployment documentation, and Supported Lync Server 2013 Preview Topologies in the Supportability documentation.
In addition, you cannot add the Microsoft SQL Server database that is used by the Persistent Chat Server pool to SQL Server Express (which is the setup used by Lync Server 2013 Preview Standard Edition). We recommend that you install the SQL Server database for Persistent Chat Server on a dedicated computer, although collocating Lync Server 2013 Preview SQL Server and Persistent Chat Server SQL Server on the same computer is supported on the same SQL Server instance.
A Persistent Chat Server pool can be collocated on the Lync Server 2013 Preview Standard Edition server by using SQL Server Express. We do not support high availability for Persistent Chat Server with Standard Edition server, and performance and scale will be limited. We also do not support an upgrade of Lync Server 2010, Group Chat Standard Edition server to Lync Server 2013 Preview Persistent Chat Server Standard Edition server. We support only new Lync Server 2013 Preview Persistent Chat Server Standard Edition server deployments.
For details about available topologies and the technical and software requirements for installing Persistent Chat Server, see Planning for Persistent Chat Server in the Planning documentation.
For details about acquiring certificates, creating the SQL Server database, and creating file stores, see Deploying Lync Server 2013 Preview in the Deployment documentation.
If your organization requires compliance support, you can opt to have it installed by using Topology Builder. The Persistent Chat Server Compliance service is installed on the same computer as the Persistent Chat Server Front End Server. A separate database is required for compliance. For details about compliance requirements for Persistent Chat Server, see Planning for Persistent Chat Server in the Planning documentation.
Persistent Chat Server can support up to 150,000 provisioned users. The number of chat rooms supported is 33,077, comprised of 32,000 small chat rooms, 1067 medium chat rooms, and 10 large chat rooms. Each large chat room can accommodate up to 16,000 users.
Persistent Chat Server is also supported on a virtual server. The virtual server can support up to 20,000 users if it matches the specifications of the physical server. We recommend four-core processors and 8 GB of memory.
At a minimum, each topology requires a server with Lync Server 2013 Preview installed and a server with SQL Server database software installed.
Topology Builder supports multiple Persistent Chat Server pools. Follow the same deployment instructions for deploying multiple Persistent Chat Server pools as you would for any pool from the Deploying Lync Server 2013 Preview in the Deployment documentation.

Day 5 @Lync2013 Ignite in Frankfurt (final post from Ignite 2013)

The partner expo was great. Talking to different partner. Got showed some new stuff, and got a Snom 760 telephone for Lync. Going to try it and see if this is something we can offer our clients.

The day today is about SQL Mirroring and VDI and ofcoure Mobility-

Since there is no cluster support for installing Lync2013, it now support Mirroring. But if you read about SQL2012, it does not support Mirroring but has "Always On".
Should you be worried??


don't think so, because it will be supportet but it will disapeer in future..........

VDI, now works as it should. The sound and picture is syncroniced....

That's it folks, hope you enjoyed these updates from Frankfurt.


Lync2013 Ignite in Frankfurt Day 4

The day startet with Voice Routing Enhancements.
KeyNote: Responsegroups, Managed and Unmanaged groups. The big news is that we now have an application where Managers can do changes for the response groups.

Then we went into Hybrid Voice. The thing here is that you can combine Onpremise and LyncOnline. How the call will flow and so on.

Then we are now on High Availability & Disaster Recovery.
Keynote: SQL can't be clustered more. You need to build SQL Mirroring with og without vitness.
You does this in the Topology Builder and the installation program will configre this for the SQL Server.

We will later on have Make It Real session designing solutions and a Partner Expo.



Day 3 @Lync2013 Ignite Part 2

Well what a day. The new web client is fantastic. You have to look forward to it.
Microsoft has desided that it will not be Silverlight based. Just a plugin for you browser.

The we had the integration with Telepresence systems. From what I saw, in the Cisco world you still need to have vsc (gateway).
For Polycom as I understand it, we you will not need it, since Polycom is certified for Lync2013, and so i LifeSize.

This was the news and more will come tomorrow.............

Day 3 in Frankfurt @Lync2013 Ignite Part 1

The day has so far been about WAC, installing Office Web Application server.
Then we went on to Collaboration (client), Video Experience & Infrastucure.

More information will come later this evening CET time.

Lync2010 CU 7 is out

Some days ago Microsoft published CU 7 for Lync server 2010 and Lync client.
More information is here:



Second day @Lync2013 Ignite Part 2

The last part of today was Persisten Chat Server. This replace to old group chat server in Lync2010.
The good news is that we don't need a separate client.
We can if you have installed Enterprise Edition, then we can build a pool of Chat servers.

With Chat server you can build Project rooms for you company, but be aware that you can not invite federated users.

Chat server can connect to SQL Express or your regular SQL. It's up to you but since SQL Express has limited functionality due to database size in SQL 2012 Express the limitation is 10GB pr database.

The Lync client after you have been connected to rooms then they will show as a catalog in the client.

Tomorrow we have the third day and more information will come then.

Second day @Lync2013Ignite Part 1

Some news about the agent:
Lync Attendee client will not be in Lync2013. The webclient will do the work.
Lync Attendent client will not be in Lync2013, you have to use the regular Lync client.

More information will come later today..............

Frist day done @Lync2013Ignite

First day is done. And what a day..........
1. Lync2013 does not support SQL Cluster anymore unless you does an upgrade from Lync2010. If you go for a new Lync2013 you can use SQL Mirroring.
2. If you have an Preview installation of Lync2013 and want's to upgrade to RTM, well then you have to place up new servers and move your user from the old to the new.
3. Archiveing, Monitoring role can now be collocated on the frontend server.

More information will come later.....................


In Frankfurt

Finaly I'm in Frankfurt Germany. It's raining and in just few hours the Lync2013 Ignite will start. Looking forward to this. Mariott Hotel is the place to be for the week.



Off tomorrow

So tomorrow I will go to Frankfurt and for the Lync2013 Ignite. 5 days starting Monday at 9am, and registration starts at 8am.

I'll be back with blog after every day..............

Be aware of this kb2661254

I had one client that has installed this patch for their computers. KB2661254.
Well after this Lync stopped working, even they had 2048 bit on their certificate.
We had to uninstall this patch to get the clients to connect back to Lync.



Soon, off to Frankfurt and Lync2013 Ignite

It's just day's left before I will go to Lync2013 Ignite in Frankfurt.
I will deliver some blogs from there.

C U l8ter