How to move users from LyncOnline to Lync OnPremise?

Well, I have used this script to move users from LyncOnline to LyncOnPremise for a customer.

First we had to set some attributes for the user in Active Directory:

Get-ADUser -identity "<id of the user>" -Properties MSRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress | % {
    Set-AdUser "<id of the user>" -Add @{'MSRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress'="sip:user@domain.com"}

Then we moved the user from the Lync Online to the Lync OnPremise:

Move-CsUser -Identity "<id of the user>" -Target <lyncpool.com> -Credential $creds -HostedMigrationOverrideUrl https://admin0e.online.lync.com/HostedMigration/hostedmigrationservice.svc

Then we checked that the user has been moved to the OnPremise Pool:

Get-Csuser | FT RegistrarPool, Identity, SipAddress -AutoSize

Then we had to enable the user for Lync OnPremise:

Enable-CsUser -Identity "<name of the user>" -RegistrarPool "<poolname.domain.com" -SipAddress "sip:<sipaddress@domain.com"


Lync and Azure....my conclution

I have tried as you can see from an earlier blog to install Lync 2013 in Azure. So far the Lync Server 2013 FrontEnd works just fine. No problem as long you remember to use my tip about the SQL and cache on Virtual disks.
When it comes to mediation server and Edge server we all know that they require 2 NIC and this is not supported in Azure.
Based on that information,well and since Microsoft clearly say that Lync 2013 is not supported, I have decided to stop my project at this time.
It was great to try, but as way Azure works now, well then I don't have more time to do this and will build a demo environment based on Hyper-V.


Lync in Azure....had to try it

Even Lync 2013 in Azure is not supported from Microsoft, I had to try it to work.
After installed the prerequisites for Windows 2012R2, and did an AD prep, and made up the DNS records I was ready.
Started to install the Lync Tools. Then prepared the first standard edition server.
Lync Local Configstore went just fine. No problems.
When I come to Step 2 in  the wizard, it failed. Did some search for the error that it could not create backend SQL.
Found an TechNet article saying that this could be since we did have to little CPU and memory, reconfigured my server to 4 CORE CPU and 28GB Ram, rebooted the server and tried Step 2 again.
It failed again. Startet to check around.
There seems to a timeout issue when it comes to Azure and when creating the backend databases.
A tip from kloud.com.au saying that he had the same error
See the part about Lync in Azure.
When we make a New drive for the Lync server we did the PowerShell command like this
Install-CsDatabase -LocalDatabases -DatabasePaths F:\CsData

Then we did Step 2 again and it worked. Then I did Step3 certificates and all services started.

Great job before the weekend comes up. I will see how I can fix the Edge server later next week and just wait for how that goes.

I know that this is not supported from MicroSoft at present time but I think this will give a good way to atleast make a LAB Project and maybe some customer want to build a QA environment i Azure.

Anyway, nice to have done it :-)


Lync 2013 direct SIP trunk...who say the sound is bad?

When I am out trying to convince my customer about Lync 2013 and how good this is, I have the last year heard that in Lync 2013 you have bad sound.
Some say that we have been told that they have to have a Cisco CCM PBX in front of the Lync 2013 since Lync 2013 has bad sound?
Well, I think this is wrong, and other Companies trying to sell way much hardware/software and that they don't know how great sound in Lync 2013 and with QoS and great headset, network well then you will get great sound.
When competitors of mine tells that Lync 2013 is bad, but with for exsample with Cisco the sound will be good. Well you are wrong.
This video is in Norwegian and is made by Microsoft and they are Reference customer for Microsoft.

I can understand that partners who is stucked with Cisco will sell this for what it's worth, but why spend all your Money on Cisco lisences when you will get same sound quality using Lync 2013.

You will not get good sound if your network is bad, or your headset is bad. Quality the Whole way will give you great sound in Lync 2013.


Lync and Avaya, what does it say and what to do

Well Im back from Vegas and LyncConf. What a show, and those News. Just great.
At present time I'm out on job installing Lync 2013 for a customer. HLBA, 3 frontEnd, 2 Mediation and more.
They have and Avaya CS 1000 that shall be Integrated. I have checked out and Avaya is supported on Direct SIP, but as Microsoft say, this is at present time, and we don't know about the next versions of the Avaya software. So we would advise you to use an gateway.
Well, that was easy or was it.
To invest in a gateway for about 2500 users, well you need a lot of SIP lisences for the gateway. Shall the Gateway be part of the cluster og HLB.
How long shall Avaya live before we go for the SIP trunk Direct from a telco?
This is needs that we have to talk to the customer about.

As now we landed on to advise Our customer to go for the Gateway. I think there will be a Sonus SBC 2000 With dual Power......... More will come on this later :-)