Breakout rooms allow meeting organizers to split main meetings into smaller sessions for focused discussions

 This morning I got long waited email for a new feature that has been written page up and page down on. It will now be rolled out in November according to the mail.

So, what is all about?


Added Knowledge during Covid-19 and filled up with MS-700 and assigment

 Since the middle of March I have mostly worked form home. I guess that I can count on my hands the days I have been to working at the corp office.

Lots of customers has been going to Teams, and migrating them from Skype for business server 2015 and move to Teams with telephony.

But up in all that I have also documented my skills regarding to Teams.


Teams and HELP function

 Ignite has gone online and was the end of last month (22-24 september 2020), TeamsFest October 2020 is finished (7th october 20202). MVP-dagen in Norway is today (8th October 2020) and is an online event.  Teamsdagen Studio in Sweden will come online soon.

Lot's happens in the Teams communites now. 

Today I will talk about the new HELP button in Teams 


Small change but important for many - tip of the day

 This morning I was testing some CMD's in Powershell and made a discovery.

I started up my powershell and logged in with my account for this.


SAFE transfer of calls in Teams

 Today I woked up to some great news. The new big thing in Teams is SAFE transfer. 

The first I saw on Twitter this morning was from @pl_lange (Paul Lange) who had something about it. Thanks Paul.

So here is the functions and how it works.


Whats New in Teams and Addons - Switchboards - Recording

New month and time for a blog again. First of all, as every frist of month is that Microsoft is presenting a wrapup on what's new in Teams the last month.

Read about it here.


Kemp, Exchange 2010 and Teams, lot's to talk about

 From KEMP I got the latest blog. It's about Exchange. First I'm not an Exchange expert. I know a lot about KEMP, Skype and Teams. 

The blog contains information about Exchange 2010 support ends and it's now time do upgrade. Read what MVP Jaap Wesselius think about it. If your customers still runs Exchange 2010, well now its time to do some action.


Just love popout in calls and meetings

 During the last month there has come some new fuctions. After 4 weeks off work, I have now been trying this function for about 2 weeks.

The function I talk about  is Popout meeting and calls.

So what does the call window looks like when it has out. Well like this

When working on two monitors this is something I have been waiting for a long time.

Have a great day out there #StaySafe


Less than a year to Skype online switch off!

When I got to work this morning something hit me.

It is now less than a year until Microsoft has told the world that they will do a switch off on Skype Online. 
Well folks it's now time to start your travel and migration to Microsoft Teams. 

If you are running Skype for Business onprem, well you as still safe and can  do so for the next few years.

Want to follow the countdown, just go here: Countdown


Teams, Outlook contacts

I have got quite lot's of questions about outlook and teams contacs. This need futher investigation to figure this out.
Frist I came over this post in the tech communities Add company name
Then I read and added this and they showed up. 
But I could not figure out why all contacts needed company name, so I posted this question.

Then someone start to push me to do some more testing. And here is my conclusion.

1. If you add a new contact you don't need company name or email, just name and phonenumber. The phonenumber does not need to be on E164 can be strait forward.  Restart the teams client and it shows up under Calls - Contacts.
2. If you have an old contacts that does not show, just do a change on it and it will show up.

This has been tested on a clean Exchange online (no-hybrid). 

This will be the last blog in some time due to that I am going on 4 weeks vacation next week. Have a great summer and #StaySafe


S4b to Teams

For my norwegian readers I had last week a webinar talking about the road from Skype for Business Onprem til Teams with Telephony.
This is the webinar in a nutshell. Happy reading


WFH, service needed, uptime is more important then ever

Hi again. There has been some time since I wrote about Loadbalancing. So here we go.
The world has changed due to Covid-19 situation. Most of us who are working, well we work from home, here by shorted as #WFH, or just WFH.
This gives IT operations lot's of things to think about. Services need to be up and running all the time. There are lot's on employees that is working from home use VPN services, and out this way on companies internet connections.


New CU for Skype for Business server 2015

It has been a while since the last update from Microsoft. In August 2019 we got CU-10. And for a some days ago we got the CU-11. Microsoft made it public the 13th May 2020.
You will find it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=47690

I have not tested it yet since most of my customers has moved to Teams with telephony.


April 2020 update - May first edition

Well, it's been some time ago since the last blog here. But here we go again.

Security in Teams 

There has been a lot of news regarding security for the UC platform. In 2018 Cisco got some issues regarding GIF. This has been fixed.
Then Zoom got the same issue and even more issues. Read about it here and I suspect that it will be fixed soon.


Major changes for the SMB - You got Direct Routing if you want

There has been today major changes to functionally regarding to where the customers who has Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business or Business premium.
They can now buy Microsoft 365 Business Voice (without calling plan). They will now get Phone-system and AudioConferencing included.


February 2020 summmary

The second month is gone in hurrycane. Corona is here. And why not just work from home and use Teams? With enterprise voice in Teams, and you are good to go. Use it for meetings, teamwork and phonecalls. This is how I can use my Teams client.

But what a month this has been and here comes a summary of the news that has happend in Teams.


Youtube video - Tendfor, Office App and Commsverse

Since there a great numbers of you who reads this blog, here is a new one.

Youtube Teams på Norsk, is my YouTube channel. Last week I created a new video. Watch it her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OE-rkWLWtQ&t=29s

This contains information on Tendfor switchboard and how to create emergency messages and how to use them.


Graph-API give you presence in switchboard Tenant

One of the product I have worked with the last 3-4 months and where I do have customer running live since Graph-API was in beta. Yes you read right. These customers was the first in the world to go live on Teams Graph-API.


Zoom, MS-700 Certification and more

There are lot's going on in the Teams world at the present time.
During this weekend I have together with my co-workers just move a customer from Skype Onprem to Teams with telephony for 300+ users. One of the cool stuff we did was to add SIP-registrar on Poly TRIO 8800 and on Poly VVX-311 also. For the TRIO 8800 we also added the new feature named USB PassThrough since they have Visual + in those rooms. And it's cool to report that everything works just as it should. Want to know more please contact us on Teams at blinQ.

Breakout rooms allow meeting organizers to split main meetings into smaller sessions for focused discussions

 This morning I got long waited email for a new feature that has been written page up and page down on. It will now be rolled out in Novembe...