February 2020 summmary

The second month is gone in hurrycane. Corona is here. And why not just work from home and use Teams? With enterprise voice in Teams, and you are good to go. Use it for meetings, teamwork and phonecalls. This is how I can use my Teams client.

But what a month this has been and here comes a summary of the news that has happend in Teams.

One cool feature I noticed today was to join Teams meeting direct from the calendar view side bar in Outlook. So check this out
The we have the February summery blog that you find here: Summary february 2020
One of the cool feature is that you can send chat from Teams by using Outlook. This is pretty cool and will be useful.

From the same blog there are worth meniton this new feature

New Files Experience in Teams powered by SharePoint rolled out worldwide!

The Teams file experience is powered by SharePoint, and we are happy to share that the new file experience in Teams has now rolled out to 100% of worldwide tenants! This new experience in the File tab of a channel includes the ability to sync files to your computer (PC or Mac), see rich previews across 320+ file types, create views and work with metadata, see document life-cycle signals, review on-hover file cards, pin files to the top, take actions like check in and check out, and much more.

Presence in swithboard

Presence in swithboard is one other thing I have mentioned earlier. Finally say one of my customer. It's now easier to work on the switchboard, when you know the status for the person you want to transfer call to.
If you switchboard does not contains Teams status, well maybe you should change to Tendfor and get this feature.

CDR data in PowerBI

One of the things we have been working in lately is to work with CRD data from Teams Telephony, and provide tools using PowerBI to get information about calls and some times error situations. 
Since we have full control on the SBC we can provide you with the information you need based on this. We also use this tool kit we have worked to figure out if things goes wrong. Can your telco provide you with this? Does they have the tools?  This is super important to know before you choose your direct-routing provider.

That's all for today. I'll get back real soon.

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