Changes for me

After more than 6 years in EVRY I'm now change where I work. I'm starting working for Skill AS in Oslo as a Solution Architect working with Lync.
This will be fun I think and when this came up I had to jump on this.
Thanks to EVRY for all the great opertunities I had got there. I will keep working on this blog and will be active over the time.

Have a happy New Year out there.



LyncConf 2014

As you know the LyncConf2014 is in Las Vegas 18-20 february. I'm going to be there and will blog live from this Conference.

Dublicate Announcement Service and Responce Groups

A great document from Kjetil Lindløkken @EVRY

Great thanks to Microsoft Premier Support for helping us to find the error and fix it.


Lync 2013 and Windows server 2012R2

After installing Lync 2013 with October 2013 Update and rebooted the FrontEnd server, we had an issue that the Frontend service was hanging in starting.


Why does not Lync 2013 logs lostcalls in Outlook?

I got an email from a customer today about that Lync 2013 does not show Lost Calls in Outlook more. Well they did not actually miss it. But it would have been nice to have.


What about Lync 2013 and Antivirus

If you consider to have antivirus installed on your Lync 2013 environment be aware that Lync 2013 is not very happy about this.


What about the boot order for Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition?

Time for a article again. This time the boot order of Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition. As we know Lync 2013 is using Windows Fabric to replicate the topology to each server.


What about SIP addresses in Lync 2013?

I have noticed something strange when it comes to SIP addresses in Lync 2013. In Office365 sip addresses with special caraters are just forbidden. Like /()# and more.


Failed to register with back-end database. Microsoft Lync Server 2013

When moveing CMS to another SQL server there can be some issue where you get this kind of error.
Failed to register with back-end database. Microsoft Lync Server 2013, Master Replicator Agent will continuously attempt to reconnect to the back-end. While this condition persists, no replication will be done.

Competella and Lync Conf 2014

It's been a while since I have been posting something new articles here. I been busy working on a huge Lync 2013 case.


How to change the timeout for PSTN Calls

Not very often but from time to time we have problems during make overseas call or make calls to Mobile phones.
The Lync 2010 and 2013 has a value that is set to 10 seconds before it will terminate the calls.


IT-Tinget Tønsberg 25-26 september

EVRY has an huge event here in Norway named IT-Tinget. This year will I attend to this event and I will blog form there on what's happen and how it is.
I will come with daily reports on what is happening.


How to set different SharePoint MySite and Skill Search in Lync 2013

If you have like us a customer with different domains and local SharePoint with local MySite, then you normaly can get this to work with one SharePoint.


How to renew Certificate on the Office Web App Server also known as WAC

Some day the certificate for the Office Web App Server will expire.
Can this be done by useing IIS Manager to change this or is Powershell our friend again?


The secret update on Lync 2013 and SQL Cluster

In the last few days, Microsoft has done some changes in what they support when it comes to SQL Server.

Lync Server 2013 supports the use of either SQL mirroring or SQL clustering for each Lync Server database. You can easily set up SQL mirroring with the Topology Builder tool in Lync Server 2013. For SQL failover clustering, you must use SQL Server deployment tool.


Lync 2013 and SQL Confusing..What is recommended

If you read the documentation for Lync 2013, you will there find out that when it comes to the SQL part, that it can be confusing.


Lync 2010 and SKYPE Federation

Normaly when you have got the feedback from Microsoft that you are ready for Lync and SKYPE Federation.
Well be aware of the following.


LyncConf 2014

18-20 february 2014 the Lync Conference is takeing place in Las Vegas at the Arie hotel and casino resort.
More information will come at http://www.lyncconf.com


Lync 2013 July Update also known as CU-2

Where is the CU-2 for Lync 2013? Well here you will find it:


There has been fun to test this in preview and to be a part of the vNEXT TAP program.



Where is the SIP Stack Trace in Lync 2013

Since Lync 2013 has centralized logging, and if you download the Lync Logging Tool and install it. Well default you will  not be able to see the SIP Stack Trace.
If you have Lync issues well then this trace can give you lot's of information for you.
Either if you log on Mediation Server, Edge server or the Front Ends server.


Some thoughts about the feature for Lync 2013

There are certainly many out there, who thinks a lot where shall we take Lync 2013 to the next step.
Shall our customers integrate Contac Center solutions? What about Lync Room Systems (LRS)? Will it kill Cisco/Tandberg?
What will Microsoft do with Lync and Skype?
What will come...?


Lync2013 and CRM Integration

Where I work, in Evry, we are now testing out the CRM integration useing Dynamics2011, Lync2013. With help of Mondality Systems we can now offer our customer Lync2013 integrated with Dynamics2011.


What is your favorite function???

Here we are again..........
What is you favorite function on the Lync mobility client?
If you don't have Lync 2013 or 2010 have you been invited to a Lync Live meeting?
Have you used the new Web client. If not then you have something great to look forward to.


Lync 2013 client for Android is out

It's here........finaly Lync 2013 for Android is out.  Just download it and have fun, you will find it on Play :-)


Launch of MaxACD for Lync 2013 or mixed environment

The easter is here but we are still on. Got the last version of the MaxACD for Lync just before the weekend.

We will start to place it in our demo environment and make us ready for the What's Hot @ Saga Kino in Oslo. This show will go in different cities in Norway.


Lync clients 2013

Today at around 10:30 am, I did the install of the Lync 2013 client on the Ipad.
At 10:35 am, I did my first video call from the Ipad. Works just fine.
Did also a test on a Iphone, works there aswell. Just download the App from AppStore.
Have fun while I wil be waiting for the Androide version since my work phone i Samsung SIII.
But the one that waits for something will get something good.


Happy Lync'ing


Speaking @ Office Sales Camp in Oslo

This wedensday (6th april 2013) @ 1230 to 1330 I will be the speaker for the Lync 2013 session on the Office Sales Camp @Scandic Hotel Fornebu.

I hope to see you there, and if you comes, well then you will hear about Lync Room System, News for Lync 2013, Hybrid Solutions.



Lync 2013 CU-1 is out

To night CET Microsoft gave us the following:
Lync Server 2013, February 2013 Cumulative updates
Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Resource Kit Tools
Lync Server 2013 Whiteboard Archiving Viewer
Lync Server 2013, Planning Tool
Lync 2013 SDK

where can I find this? HERE!!!!

And for a bonus you can get this
The Office 2013 Visio Stencils are now available!.
You can download the stencils here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35772


Lync 2013 Backward Compability

Still strugling with the Lync client downloaded from the Store for Windows 8. You are not an VPN or useing UAG. Well hope you had installed the backward compability on the Lync 2013 server.


Lync Mobility frist show off............

Today 19.february Microsoft showed the Lync client for Mobile unites. They showed it for Windows Mobile, Android Phone, Iphone and they also turned Ipad into phone useing Lync2013 Mobility over VoIP useing video and voice @LyncConf2013 in San Diego.


Something strange when migrate to Lync2013 from Lync2010

We had an issue going from Lync 2010 to Lync 2013 in our demo environment. Even it said the replication was ok and the database was ok, it did not replicated and we had a Yellow triangle in Lync Controlpanel on the fronend server.


Finaly and testing CU-1 preview

Hi, It has been some time since the last blog. But here we are again.
The demo environment Kjetil Lindløkken and I has been working on is almost done.
It contains the following servers and features:

1 frontend server
1 Edge server
1 Mediation server
1 NET VX-1200 connected to Aastra MX-One
Colocated Monitoring & Archiveing server on the front end
1 Office Web App Server
1 TMG Forefront
1 Persistent Chat server
1 Competella server
1 Verba recording server
1 SQL2008R

To be done as soon they are ready we will install
1 MaxACD from AltiGen
1 Dolphin Q from Dolphin Software

We are also planning to make contact center integration with CRM Dynamics

Since EVRY is a part of vNext TAP program, we are also testing out the CU-1 preview for Lync2013.......


NIC 2013

The last day on NIC 2013 @Oslo Spektrum. Great show, great bands last nite. Great news about Lync Mobility. Great speakers.
Just a great show. EVRY was here, had a stand and we did this together with our partner Competella.


CallCenter dagene 23-24 april Oslo

EVRY and AltiGen wil be at the Callcenter days in Oslo 23-24 april with a presentation of MaxACD for Lync and how to use Lync together with MaxACD.
I will be there, will you?


NIC Conf in Oslo 24-25 january in Oslo Spectrum

This year EVRY and I will be there. We will show Lync2013, Competella Attendant.
Will you be there?


Lync for the Enterprise marked

Normaly when Enterprise customers want to make changes to drop the old PBX and use Lync as the phone system, they do need third party addons for Lync.


Contact Center for Lync

As I menioned earlier this year we can deliver Contact Center for Lync. We have implemented Dolphin Q for a client. We have also implementet MaxACD from AltiGen.

Dolphin Q is for clients that does not all the advanced functionality in the Contact Center, but we can integrate with MircoSoft CMR (Dynamics). We can do skillbased routeing and menu options. There is also a complete statistic system also. More information on www.dolphin.no

With MaxACD we can deliver the hole package. Lync client will be "docked" into the MaxACD client.
There is a Supervisor where team-manager can monitor the system and move trafik from one queue to another queue.
The team-manager can do barge-In, Visper functionality.
There is also a recording following the system.
Integration with Service desk and we can pop contact card. Integration with Salesforce.com where you answer the call in Salesforce and Pop Contact Card.
Wallboards, gives you the opertunities to create your own......
Upto 512 agents on one server but only 256 agents logged in at the same time. But if you neet more agents we will just add another server and you can doble up number of agents

Fore more information.... www.altigen.com or contact me


New year new opertunities.............

Well 2013 is here and we are back to work.
We will start this year with 2 large projects, one POC and one Upgrade to Lync2013........
More information will come.