Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo

Today I finaly got my Jabra Evolve 65. WOW, what a headset. It just so great. No Cable. The sound in this is great. The fittings is great.
To install it, just plug in the USB 360 dongle and you are ready.
Remember to charge the headset using the cable that follows With it and soon you are ready.
Together With Lync and With Your Mobile phone, it just Works.
This headset is simple to use and it just Works. It will be great for Lync Pro and for Office users in Contact Centers.
I have just testet the stereo and fits nice also if you have glasses. On of my co-workers tried it and he just loved it.
This will be the new standard headset where I work. If you want more information about it just send me and Message here in this blog or on twitter @kaistenberg


Lync becomes SKYPE for Business

As many of us have seen the other days is that Lync will now change name to Skype for Business. For us who is installing Lync what will this say for us?
Where are this going?


Jabra Evolve series

From next week will I start to test all the headset's in the Jabra Evolve series. I have earlier written a blog about the Evolve 80, who I think is one of the best Lync Pro headsets with cable that I have been tested so far.
So just follow this blog and you will get the result of the Evolve Series.

Thanks to Jabra Norway who are letting me have these headsets.