First look at Cloud PBX and PSTN meetings in Skype for Business

2016 is here and lets recap 2015

2016 has come and happy new #Skype4B year.......

So what has happend in 2015..........

- Skype for Business client come out
- Skype for Business server
- Skype for Business Broadcast meeting
- Microsoft Ignite in Chicago
- Cloud PBX is out in US, and we waits for other countries
- Skype for Business client on Windows mobile and Android
- Skype for Business client on IOS
- Some patches with bugs (like the Novenber 2015 patch) :-)
- Ignite in 2016 moved from Chicago to Atlanta (hope the food will be better @ignite)

I am sure more has happend, and the list will be updated

So the let's turn 2016 to the #Skype4B year.