Lync 2013 CU-1 is out

To night CET Microsoft gave us the following:
Lync Server 2013, February 2013 Cumulative updates
Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Resource Kit Tools
Lync Server 2013 Whiteboard Archiving Viewer
Lync Server 2013, Planning Tool
Lync 2013 SDK

where can I find this? HERE!!!!

And for a bonus you can get this
The Office 2013 Visio Stencils are now available!.
You can download the stencils here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35772


Lync 2013 Backward Compability

Still strugling with the Lync client downloaded from the Store for Windows 8. You are not an VPN or useing UAG. Well hope you had installed the backward compability on the Lync 2013 server.


Lync Mobility frist show off............

Today 19.february Microsoft showed the Lync client for Mobile unites. They showed it for Windows Mobile, Android Phone, Iphone and they also turned Ipad into phone useing Lync2013 Mobility over VoIP useing video and voice @LyncConf2013 in San Diego.


Something strange when migrate to Lync2013 from Lync2010

We had an issue going from Lync 2010 to Lync 2013 in our demo environment. Even it said the replication was ok and the database was ok, it did not replicated and we had a Yellow triangle in Lync Controlpanel on the fronend server.


Finaly and testing CU-1 preview

Hi, It has been some time since the last blog. But here we are again.
The demo environment Kjetil Lindl√łkken and I has been working on is almost done.
It contains the following servers and features:

1 frontend server
1 Edge server
1 Mediation server
1 NET VX-1200 connected to Aastra MX-One
Colocated Monitoring & Archiveing server on the front end
1 Office Web App Server
1 TMG Forefront
1 Persistent Chat server
1 Competella server
1 Verba recording server
1 SQL2008R

To be done as soon they are ready we will install
1 MaxACD from AltiGen
1 Dolphin Q from Dolphin Software

We are also planning to make contact center integration with CRM Dynamics

Since EVRY is a part of vNext TAP program, we are also testing out the CU-1 preview for Lync2013.......