Kemp, Exchange 2010 and Teams, lot's to talk about

 From KEMP I got the latest blog. It's about Exchange. First I'm not an Exchange expert. I know a lot about KEMP, Skype and Teams. 

The blog contains information about Exchange 2010 support ends and it's now time do upgrade. Read what MVP Jaap Wesselius think about it. If your customers still runs Exchange 2010, well now its time to do some action.


Just love popout in calls and meetings

 During the last month there has come some new fuctions. After 4 weeks off work, I have now been trying this function for about 2 weeks.

The function I talk about  is Popout meeting and calls.

So what does the call window looks like when it has out. Well like this

When working on two monitors this is something I have been waiting for a long time.

Have a great day out there #StaySafe