Kemp, Exchange 2010 and Teams, lot's to talk about

 From KEMP I got the latest blog. It's about Exchange. First I'm not an Exchange expert. I know a lot about KEMP, Skype and Teams. 

The blog contains information about Exchange 2010 support ends and it's now time do upgrade. Read what MVP Jaap Wesselius think about it. If your customers still runs Exchange 2010, well now its time to do some action.

I'm planning to do a KEMP webinar during the 4th quarter. More information will come out soon. I thank KEMP for let me do this kind of work for them. 

So let's jump into Teams. Today I will run a webinar in norwegian only.This is to promote what happens during switchboard and Teams. I will here talk about Tendfor and Competella. What they bring to the table and also what Microsoft can provide with their AutoAttendant and CallQueues.

One other things is that we now got "activity" in the company chat in Teams.

This is quite cool feature to see the "history" of the old stuff that you have discussed with your co-workers in different Teams 

Well thats all for now, but soon there will be more here.

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