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New month and time for a blog again. First of all, as every frist of month is that Microsoft is presenting a wrapup on what's new in Teams the last month.

Read about it here.

For alomst a week ago I had a webinar talking about the addons in the way blinQ where I work where I spent almost 1 hour talking about switchboard, AutoAttendant and CallQueues.

blinQ as a company deliver recording from Touch and GuardREC for the Norwegian marked. But we can also deliver Switchboard services from Tendfor and Competella. But if you want to use AutoAttendant and CallQueues we have the expert knowledge about this as well.

One of the things I mentioned on my webinar was the security part of calendar shareing. For onprem Exchange we normaly use Impersonate Account. So has been the standard for telco solutions to get calendar information. By using impersonate account who use basic authentification (where you send username/password) as clear text over the internet, well then you have from my point of view a security issue.

If your organization has demand MFA for all accounts, well then in an online Exchange you can't then use the Impersonate Account. You need to re-think this. So what does we do then.

Ask you switchboard producer if the can use OAUTH. OAUTH will only work on Exchange Online. As per now TENDFOR and TRIO supports OAUTH. But be aware that TRIO is either installed in "private Cloud" or Onprem. As pr now TRIO does not have Azure or multi-tennant solutions who TENDFOR and Competella has.

Competella as a Service

Competella has become ready for the cloud. They have an Azure service who I have got the first hand on. Well this is what I think at the present time.
  • Then installation in Azure is complex and there are rooms for error
  • Calendar integration is now only supports Impersonate Account, but there will be changed to OAUTH later this year
  • Web admin GUI is the same as always, here you will know where and how
  • Music onhold is not supported yet
  • IVR, do not have opportunities to sub menues, but this is something that will come later this year
  • Web client and PC client
So from my view this is good start, but if you want more advanced solution and not something that is way early, then look into Tendfor.

Well this is all for this week, stay tuned where ever you are #StaySafe

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