Small change but important for many - tip of the day

 This morning I was testing some CMD's in Powershell and made a discovery.

I started up my powershell and logged in with my account for this.

Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector

$sfbSession = New-CsOnlineSession 

Import-PSSession $sfbSession -allowClobber

Then I start to look into client policy Get-CsClientPolicy -Identity global and this parameter

RateMyCallDisplayPercentage                 : 10

Earlier this was not able to change to eg. false or any lower than this. Wel changes has come

I did this.

Set-csclientpolicy -Identity global -RateMyCallDisplayPercentage $false

and then this happen 

This is interesting. Now just wait to see if popups disapear for this rate my call. I did restart my Teams client.

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