SAFE transfer of calls in Teams

 Today I woked up to some great news. The new big thing in Teams is SAFE transfer. 

The first I saw on Twitter this morning was from @pl_lange (Paul Lange) who had something about it. Thanks Paul.

So here is the functions and how it works.

You get a call in Teams, from Inside you company or outside does not matters. You answer it and figure out that this is not something you should work with and want to transfer to a CO-Worker. You place the call on hold by hitting the 3 ... and choose Transfer

Then you will get this menu

then search for the one you want to transfer the call to and it's important that you also choose Ring back if there's no answer. 

Then hit th Transfer buttom. If you don't get an answer within 60 seconds, well then you will get the call back. 

Then answer it and you will have the user back on you Teams headset. 

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