Microsoft Ignite less than 30 days

Since I did not partisipate on last year on MS Ignite. My company is sending 2 persons this year. It's my Co-worker Ivar Naggum and my self.
Most of the stuff that I will look into this year at Ignite will be about O365, some Skype for Business Online and Azure.
There will come lots of bloggs and tweets from this years event.
You can read about Ignite here

I hope to see you at Ignite in Orlando.


DNS vs HLB Skype For Business

I have the last half year build serveral Skype for Business solutions where we have implemented Enterprise Edition.
Based on what several MVP and Microsoft best practise they recommend DNS LoadBalancing.
When reading on TechNET this is one of the article about Loadbalancing
As mentioned in several bloggs and on Technet, well all say that searching for error is more easy with DNS LBA. Well that can be true because you don't have to search in HLB vml og physcal unit. But then you buy a HLB without a service and support agreement? And if it's critical you buy a 24/7/365 4 hours responce time agreement.
If you look at downtime based on how client works and what is said around. The Skype for Business client shall do it better than older clients. But is this the fact?