Plantronics Voyager Focus UC

Last authum I did get my Plantronics

This has been one of the best headset I ever used. Both as a UC headset and a mobile headset.
Lot's  of my customers has also used this and they are as I very happy about it.
It's simple and great quality, long hours of speaking and together with Plantronics HUB witch you can download here: http://www.plantronics.com/us/product/plantronics-hub-desktop
You can from this application control and update firmware and other functions as well.


Preview of the new MAC client that will comes

Microsoft has this video out for the new MAC client on OS X.

The codecs to be used is SILK and SVC264. Since this is the preview, well not all functions are in place and you can use the old 2011 client for all the other functions that is not covered in the "beta".

The new client they say that it will come in Q3 2016 for all the users. So sign up for the preview at


PSTN Calling is now expanding.......

From the Skype Preview you can if you are in UK try out the PSTN Calling.


Hope this will expand futher in rest of Europe soon.


CloudPBX and CloudConnector Edition

One of the big issues for Skype Online has been that we in Europe don't have been able to enable the users for Enterprise Voice. Well now are things happening.

Based on this information from Microsoft you can now have it.

And what do you need to configure this?

This can also be solved by using AudioCodes CloudBond 365

I am looking forward to try this out soon and will then blog about the result.