Moved from S4B Online to Ms-Teams, and some news also

Since i will do this breakfast meeting the 11th. October. I did last week a switch to MS-Teams Updated with this Powershell command:
Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -PolicyName UpgradeToTeams -Identity first.lastname@contoso.com

And from Skype for Business I now get this one :-)
This is great I think. I have my voice functionality in Teams. Did not have this in Skype for Business. But as many have seen, there are still some missing points out here.
1. Outlook need to show presence. Is not ready yet.
2. one to one share desktop like we did in Skype for Business without to set up a call, direct from IM/CHAT.

But there is lot's of things happening that is real nice.
1. Integration with Video Interop, with PexIP, Polycom that is nice.
2. Blur video call

Based on just running Teams so far, I think it's alsmost ready to move over. But if you have complex contactcenter or switchboard, you should run Teams in Island mode together with Skype for Business and make your users ready to learn how it works.

And there will come lost of new features soon also.
From Ignite this is what they told there