M365 Copilot what shall we think about and not?

 As a SME (Subject Matter Expert) I have during the last 9 months worked with organizations that is planning or want to start to pilot a project where they want to take or get the advantage of M365 Copilot.

If you run a Copilot project for 50 or 5000 users, the process is the same. 


The winner is Windings :-)

 Windings and so on

Sometimes strange things happens and fun stuff is comming. As not an SharePoint expert there are some fun talk about it and to people who are.
On one of the seasons last episodes on the podcast I run, named TeamsCastAway I asked a question about that, the first who sent a screendump of a SharePoint site running Windings as the font for the whole page.

It did not go many days before it happend I and go an email with the screenshot. And it looked like this:

The winner was Daniel K√•ven from Biztech. Long time since I smiled so much. Stickers has been sent. 

The next happens is that I have now started to plan Season 8 of the podcast and recording starts up in mid August.


M365 Copilot Updates in the Roadmap

 I have some customers that has been using Copilot in word. There has been and still are an issue regarding Word/Copilot using Excel files in the creation of documents.

Finally there is a solutions on it's way.

This is on the Roadmap for next month. Just a short wait and it will be there.

Want to know more about the roadmap for M365 Copilot? Just click this link


What's new in Teams and M365Copilot

 There are lot's happening in the Teams and M365 Copilot now. New features and more to learn. So here is a wrapup of the part I think is cool news.

Teams - What's happening.

- New Teams is rolling out. Be sure to test or just roll it out.
- Enterprise Connect was last week. 
- Discover feed in channels Discover Feed - Learn
-Voice Isolation, dang cool if you ask me. Check out the link.
- Teams phone SLA now 99,999 % guarantee. Check out here
- Intelligent Call Recap require Teams Premium and Copilot


Something Old, Something New, there are many things going on

 It's time for a new blog. The MVP Summit 2024 goes on and what comes there can't be discussed. So since I am not there and has started a new job also. Well, time to share something with you again.


Unlocking Seamless Communication

Microsoft Teams Telephony is a cloud-based phone system that integrates with M365 Copilot, a powerful AI assistant that helps you optimize your productivity and collaboration.

In this blogpost, we will explore how Teams Telephony and M365 Copilot work together to enhance your communication experience, streamline your workflows, and save you time and money.

Microsoft Teams Telephony and M365 Copilot

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Whether you’re collaborating with colleagues across the globe or connecting with clients, having a reliable and integrated communication platform is essential. Enter Microsoft Teams Telephony and the innovative companion, M365 Copilot.

Whether you need to make or receive calls, schedule meetings, transcribe conversations, or automate tasks, Teams Telephony and M365 Copilot have you covered.

Picture is created by Copilot and ChatGPT-4.0


Copilot for all

 Finaly it happend for every one. The 300 seats are gone for M365 Copilot. You do not need an EA agreement.

Copilot news from Microsoft blog was out during yesterday. So what does this meens?