Thank you Yealink for the new firmware

 As for a long time I have been using Yealink WH66. Last week we got a new firmware. And what a change.

It's not perfect, but way much better than before. So here comes the highlights of the new firmware:


New Operator Connect - From 11 to 22

 So, for now the Operator Connect i TAC (Teams Admin Center) has got from 11 to 22. And the service now are in GA.


Cool nice little feature

 This I now will write about is a cool thing I found this morning 😊

I was in the search field looking for a conversation


Switchboard - the time is now

 Switchboard - Teams - API

There are many out there who runs operator based switchboard in Teams. Back in the days you might had a Lync/Skype based switchboard or attendant. Since the has been some "delay" for Teams, you might end up with a operator solution.
This can be good but also a issure. You need to use your mobile to answer, and sometimes we see lack of integrations with Teams.
There can't be transferd or dial to a sipaddress based address. You need to transfer to a phonenumber.
Why not get a solution where the operator/agent can transfer to:

  • - phonenumber
  • - sipaddress for the person
  • - to another queue

Then ofcourse you might also get AOUTH calendar integration, Teams presence, Mobile presence also if you need this and the Telco has this API. 

For a few day's ago I got this in my LinkedIN feed. "Varberg kommun has done this." 
I see for customers that are based in several countries with different telco operators, then you need one solutions for all countries. Then  a third party hosted from Azure will be your path to get a switchboard - Attendant or a Contact Center solutions.

My advice is that when you run Teams with "Enterprise Voice", you are in the cloud, well then  your Switchboard - Attendant should be in the cloud.

Want to know more, please take contact.


Poly VVX and 3PIP

 Poly VVX 201,301 and 401 running 3PIP

After migrate one of my customer from Skype for Business server 2015 and hybrid, with Enterprise voice we started to plan for the VVX together with 3PIP.
For some time we saw that the VVX phones where working fine, but some started to logout for some reason after 48-72 hours. And the we was not able to login to them again.


New headset and speaker, wow I'm impressed

 On friday last week I got the text message from postal service that my package from Poly Norway has arrived. Since I just love headset and gadgets, I just ran over to the store to get it.

The package was a bit heavy and it did contains:

3 pcs of Poly chocolate that looked like Poly Sync-20

1 pcs of Poly Focus-2

1 pcs of Poly Sync-20

I did the unwrapping in a hurry and was so excited to start testing this. 


Teams Powershell 2.3.1 update

 Last week I wrote about the new Teams Powershell module. 2.3.0 and at that time my advice was that do not install it  It's kind of looked that Microsoft "killed" direct Routing.

Yesterday, they came out with a new version. The 2.3.1 and they listened.

According to this link: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/microsoft-release-fix-microsoftteams-module-v231-elazar-ohayon/?trackingId=noNU3nzxRRKk%2BrpWym%2BqIQ%3D%3D

and I have tested it my self, and now we are back on track.