Unlocking Seamless Communication

Microsoft Teams Telephony is a cloud-based phone system that integrates with M365 Copilot, a powerful AI assistant that helps you optimize your productivity and collaboration.

In this blogpost, we will explore how Teams Telephony and M365 Copilot work together to enhance your communication experience, streamline your workflows, and save you time and money.

Microsoft Teams Telephony and M365 Copilot

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Whether you’re collaborating with colleagues across the globe or connecting with clients, having a reliable and integrated communication platform is essential. Enter Microsoft Teams Telephony and the innovative companion, M365 Copilot.

Whether you need to make or receive calls, schedule meetings, transcribe conversations, or automate tasks, Teams Telephony and M365 Copilot have you covered.

Picture is created by Copilot and ChatGPT-4.0


Copilot for all

 Finaly it happend for every one. The 300 seats are gone for M365 Copilot. You do not need an EA agreement.

Copilot news from Microsoft blog was out during yesterday. So what does this meens?


Goodbye 2023 and welcome 2024


The year of 2023 ended on a high note. MVP/RD/CEO Ståle Hansen was a guest on Norwegian Podcast. This was the three years anniversary episode. We talked about digital wellbeing and how to use the tools that is already in M365. During the 2023 the podcast TeamsCastAway delivered 16 episodes and hope you all liked it. The plan for 2024 will be around 10-15 episodes. Want to be a guest just contact me and we will figure out something.


What's new in Teams November 2023

 What is new in Teams November 2023?

Lets start with Teams Calling

- New Shortcut for Calls in Teams
- GA of the new Microsoft Teams app for virtual desktop (VDI)


Some Ignite 2023 News and a bit more

 Last nite Ignite 2023 Hybrid from Seatle kicked off. This year it's all about Copilot.

First Bing Search Enterprise and Bing Search is now known as CoPilot. This is a huge step. Frontline Workers who has F3 will now get "Bing Search Enterprise AKA CoPilot".


Copilot or just Teams Premium and some podcast news

 Yesterday at MVP-dagen 2023 in Oslo. MVP Knut Relbe-Moe and I had a great session in Norwegian where we talked about M365 Copilot and Teams Premium.

We also showed cool features regarding the stuff that comes in Power Virtual Agent, when you can combine features like:

- external webpages (max nuber of pages are 4)

- that you can add documents to the PVA 

- add Power Platform connectors.

This will be real cool when it comes to rest of the world and not just in North America. 

Then we also showed "fun with Bing" using Copilot in Bing with Edge. Works real good. :-)


Copilot and Teams Voice

 From my point of view I think Copilot will make a huge impact on Teams Calling and Teams Voice.

Companies who use only mobile and think that is what they need, well I think you are wrong.