MVP-dagen Roadshow and MVP-Dagen Oslo

 MVP-Dagen Roadshow!

Did you know that MVP-Dagen Roadshow are on the move. Next stop on the 27th.September we will be in Tromsø. 
We I say, here you will meet:
AudioCodes med Jasper Filon

Sign up here for a free ticket: https://events.eventzilla.net/e/mvp-dagen-2022-roadshow--troms-2138575251
The show starts around 12:00 and we are done 3:30pm and it takes place at Kaigata 6 in Tromsø


3PIP comes to an end

 It has now come to the time where 3PIP is about to die. This is the message in M365 to look for.

So what are your options?

Option 1. SIP Gateway

Microsoft has a SIP Gateway that can be used. This is some job and firewall that has to be done before you can start using the service. Read about it here: Configure SIP Gateway - Microsoft

When this is done you can use the phones for more times. 

Option 2. Buy Teams phones

Another option and what some of my customer are thinking about, is to get new Teams phones. They are already planning for this option. And yes it cost money, but it still cost money to have old phones running. And since some of them are EOL (End of Life) and EOS (End Of Support) well. If you are on Teams and plan to use phones. Well do it correct and get Teams phones.

List of certified Teams Phones can be found here


Multilanguage Teams meeting invite

 Today I saw someone post on LinkedIN that you now can have multilanguage in the Teams invite.

What I did on our Tenant was this command in Teams Powershell

Set-csteamsmeetingpolicy -identity global -meetinginviteLangunages «nb-no,en-us”

Then I just waited on some backendsync and now my teams meeting invite looks like this:


and English-US


Summer 2022 comes to an end

Summer moved on and here are some cool stuff that has come lately

The summer holiday is going to an end. And what a summer it has been. So let’s wrap up some news Teams and other communities.


Powershell version for Teams

Here much has happened the last 4-5 weeks. The new version are now 4.5.0 in GA and not in preview, you find it here:


Read the release notes to see all the changes



Dyn365Sales - Teams Telephony

 Some times things just happes and then it result in a blogpost. This post is one of this.What just happened?

Dynamics365 Sales - Teams Telephony

I have worked and did some investigation on Dyn365Sales and how to get this working together with Teams and Telephony in Teams.


Teams got Cast

Teams client got CAST for MAC and Windows

One feature that I saw yesterday was CAST. From the three ... you will now get the