What's new in Teams and M365Copilot

 There are lot's happening in the Teams and M365 Copilot now. New features and more to learn. So here is a wrapup of the part I think is cool news.

Teams - What's happening.

- New Teams is rolling out. Be sure to test or just roll it out.
- Enterprise Connect was last week. 
- Discover feed in channels Discover Feed - Learn
-Voice Isolation, dang cool if you ask me. Check out the link.
- Teams phone SLA now 99,999 % guarantee. Check out here
- Intelligent Call Recap require Teams Premium and Copilot

M365 Copilot - What's happening

In the M365 Copilot there lot's of news going on. One feature set that is worth speaking about here is the Restrict Sharepoint Search. 
Restricted SharePoint Search allows you to disable organization-wide search, and to restrict both Enterprise Search and Copilot experiences to a curated set of SharePoint sites of your choice. Additionally, whether you have enabled Enterprise Search or Restricted SharePoint Search, users in your organization will still be able to interact with files and content they own or that they have previously accessed in Copilot.  


Restricted SharePoint Search is off by default. If you decide to enable it Copilot and non-Copilot users will be able to find and use content from: 

  • An allowed list of curated SharePoint sites set up by admins (with up to 100 SharePoint sites), honoring sites’ existing permissions. 
  • Content from their frequently visited SharePoint sites. 
  • Users’ OneDrive files, chats, emails, calendars they have access to. 
  • Files that were shared directly with the users. 
  • Files that the users viewed, edited, or created.  
Read more about this here.

Did you know that there is M365 Copilot Roadmap and you find it here.

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