Podcast, Scottish Summit, Virtual Ignite and more

 On wednesday this week I have a great visitor at my Norwegian podcast. MVP Malin Martnes was there where we spent about 30 minutes talking about CRM and Teams.

You find the podcast here or where you listen to podcasts. Did you know that all my guests get a few stickers for they computers. 

This is the Sticker you get!!

Tomorrow I will have a session and work at the Scottish Summit Virtual 2021.  Hope you got at ticket and that you will join my session at 11:00 AM CET or 10:00 AM GMT. The sessionen is named Direct Routing vs CallingPlan.


Scottish Summit Virtual 2021 and more

 Another week and it's been a few weeks since last time. So what's new?

Scottish Summit Virtual 2021

I will speak at this virtual event. What I bring to the table is 45 minutes where I explain the difference between Direct Routing vs Calling Plan. Why, how and when. And some nice Lifehacks as well.
So on february 27th at 11AM (10AM GMT) I will do this.
I will also do voluntary work this day also for the Scottish Summit. Hope you will have the time to join this show tons of good stuff.

Something else

One of the things I noticed is that you now can have multiple popout in Teams. 
Read more about it here. Just look for this 
Well that's all for today. More later to come.


Preview - Podcast and some great feature

 New month and here comes some news stuff. If you is like me who loves new features in Teams well, why not try out the preview of Teams features?