Preview - Podcast and some great feature

 New month and here comes some news stuff. If you is like me who loves new features in Teams well, why not try out the preview of Teams features?

First of all get your IT department or the one who has admin for you tenant to turn it on. Then go into your Teams client and enable it under About

The  you will get applause in Teams meetings and you will get new cool stuff for the toolbar on the left of your Teams client.

Real awesome then running in Darkmode. 

You can read more about it here


As you know I place my podcasts here. And soon there will be 2 more out.

Tendfor - PSTN Outbound

As many of you know I do work a lot installing Tendfor Attendant. Some days ago they announced PSTN - Outbound. This is a great feature that also works for they who has Direct Routing and Calling Plan. More about it here.

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