Tendfor - Teams- PSTN Calling

Well folks, I have known this for a while but now it's out. PSTN Calling for switchboard using Graph API is here. First out is ofcourse Tendfor. If you click on the link you will find all about in LinkedIN where they published it.

For me this is huge milestone and now we have the last bit on place.  With Tendfor you now get this feature set.

  • PSTN Outbound calling
  • Teams Presence
  • Telco independent
  • OAUTH Exchange integration (require Exchage Online)
  • Click to call from CRM
  • CRM integration
  • Automatic update of client
  • Teams client 
  • Advanced IVR 
  • Skill Based routing
  • Emergency messages
  • 100% cloud based in Azure
  • Great Support
  • Wallboard
  • Integration with Azure AD
  • Mobile status
And more feature. Want to know more please contact me and I will show you the feature and how to make your switchboard modern and working with Teams for it.

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