Microsoft Teams Roadmap

Yesterday I got an e-mail that made me happy. I got the new roadmap for Microsoft Teams.
You can read all about it here:

The PowerPoint presentation can be read from this link.
PDF Roadmap

Be aware that dates can changes. From my perspective I think this is what IC is about and one of the feature that I like that comes soon is the integration between Skype for Business Persistent Chat and MS-Teams integration.


Azure Stack - KEMP Technologies

Finally Azure Stack has arrived. In Norway there are different companies that can deliver this service. Azure Stack is Hybrid Azure, where you combine Azure and Azure Stack.
But did you know that KEMP Loadmaster is the one and only LBA/ADC in Azure and Azure Stack.
And if you plan to move your environment to Azure and Azure Stack, and you are already a KEMP customer, then you can move your license to the new environment.
If you new to KEMP and planning to move into Azure or Azure stack, then I would recommend that you talk to a KEMP Center Partner. Complete list will you find here:

For Norway we have 1 KEMP Center Partner who has the knowledge and has educated sales and tech's for this:
KEMP Center Partner in Norway


Back from MS Ignite 2017 in Orlando

Last week there was a great time for the Geeks like me. MS Ignite 2017 happen in Orlando. Huge and bigger than ever. They said there was about 30 thousand there. It was so big that they had to have it in 3 buildings. Something that made a lot's of walking. According to one of my friends we walked about 65 km that week.
The EXPO are was big and very interesting to meet all the sponsors, and to see how and what they can deliver in a ECO system.