Vision for the future.....the future is here

Microsoft published today a new Skype for Business video on You Tube today.

Some say this is the future, and I will say the future is here real soon. There are lot's of folks out there working to make Skype for Business ready for you.
There are lot's of system integrators who are ready to take you there.

When you will choose you future please choose a partner of Microsoft that know what they are doing. Well some time you have to pay more, but then you will get it work.

There is nothing more expensive then bad consultants..................

Looking forward to help you with Skype for Business.


February update for Lync 2013

After I have tested the February update for Lync 2013 server, I have noticed that the server has to boot twice to get all the changes.
For one of my customers we noticed that Edge and FrontEnd server had some issues and after the second reboot well then it started to work again.

One of the Error that we had was that mobile users and external users had issues to sign into Lync form external. Also that SNOM m9R had some signin issue aswell With the Error named "Final handshake".

But the second boot from the frontend server solved this issue.