Skype4B client, automatic update and Competella Attendant

One of my customer did roll out the latest patch from Microsoft to the Office 2013 pack. They are also New to Lync 2013, and has Enterprise Voice.


Skype for Business...it’s almost here

As a lot of us know, from the 14th April 2015 Microsoft will start to send out the patch for Office365 Office, Office2013 Pro Plus and even more. Have you informed your employees in your company who has Office2013 Pro Plus or Office from O365?

Do you use System Center to rollout patches and updates or can uses get then from Windows Update?

This Tuesday in this patch we will get then new Skype for Business client. But are you ready for it? What about your plugins in Lync client, will the work?


Skype For Business dates are here

Yesterday we got the dates for Skype For Business. For users running Office 2013 Pro Plus they will get an update April 14th With the New Skype For Business Client.
Then server update will be launched 1.st May.

For more information check this blog


Lync and configure SIP trunk with Phonero (Norwegian Telco Company)

I have the last few weeks working on a project where Phonero (www.phonero.no) is the SIP Trunk provider.
Normaly when working With Direct SIP almost every SIP trunk provider has the same procedure to get this working.  But recarding when it comes to Phonero, well Things are a bit different.

This is how I got i working from the Lync 2013 side.