Skype for Business...it’s almost here

As a lot of us know, from the 14th April 2015 Microsoft will start to send out the patch for Office365 Office, Office2013 Pro Plus and even more. Have you informed your employees in your company who has Office2013 Pro Plus or Office from O365?

Do you use System Center to rollout patches and updates or can uses get then from Windows Update?

This Tuesday in this patch we will get then new Skype for Business client. But are you ready for it? What about your plugins in Lync client, will the work?

Have you tried out the beta and checked it? And what about 1st May 2015, when the Skype for Business server comes. Have you benne thinking about this? Upgrade or not, wait for the first patch? Are your Phones ready. What about your Attendant, your Contact Center in Lync 2013? Does they handle UCMA 5.0?

These are questions you need to know your answer to. A lot of people including myself will talk about how fantastic Skype for Business will be and how it will help your organization to get more out of collaboration and how much money you will save. J

From my perspective these are one of many things you need to have control about when it comes to your way into Skype for Business.

If you have plans for upgrade your Lync 2013 with single pool infrastructure. Be aware that first thing to do is to take backup of your configuration. When this is done, well then you must be aware of that you have to think that upgrade will case downtime, and well it’s best do to this after normal working ours if that can be done. Otherwise you can run a migration project at build a new infrastructure for the Skype for Business solution.  Then you will have full control of your way going over to Skype for Business.

If you have multipool solutions, well then you have to have a migration project to place the new Skype for Business solution on and then move server rolls and users in a controlled project.

I hope this have given you some answers and I will be more than happy to give advice about how to get there. Just leave a comment on this blog and I will get back to you.

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