Lot's happens in Skype for Business

There has been a lot of new things comming for Skype for Business. It started up with the launch of Skype Broadcast, and now we got cloud PBX in US.
Beta testing for the Android client is almost out also. So things happens.
CU for Desember 2015 is out. Get it here:

Want to now more about how the cloud PBX works, well check out this from Microsoft Mechanics on YouTube with Jamie Stark.

There has also come out a new planning to for Skype for Business. Link will you find here:

Did you noticed the Hybrid configuration from Skype for Business ControlPanel?

So here you have it, lot happens and more will come.



Unable to publish topolgi due to multiple entries found i AD.........

For a customer who got this multipool Lync 2013 running we had this strange error telling that it was not able to publish the topologi for Lync 2013. This error said it failed because of multiple entries i Active Directory for <name of the enpoint>.


Mulitpool in same site Lync 2013

One of my customers has an multipool Lync 2013 based in 4 countries.
We have been struggeling in different countries where we have trouble to see the presence. Typical error has been that we from the client only sees the Updateing status when searching for them.


Lync client Iphone, Unable to call into, Just going to Voicemail on mobile

When useing Lync client on Iphone one of my coworkers has seen this issue. When someone tried to call him the call just went directly to his Voicemail.
After different testing and working on this, well it seems like the issue was the Lync client on the Iphone was the issue. The error message we got was something like "can not log you in right now"
We then did an unistall of it and then we tried to call him again.
And now the phone was working just fine.
Then  we reinstalled the Lync client for Iphone again and it all worked smooth.


Preview options for Skype for Business

Microsoft has launched a site where you can sign up for nice preview stuff for the Skype for Business solutions.
At the present time you can sign up for:
- Skype meeting Broadcast
- Enterprise Voice in US
- Beta testing of Skype for Business on Android and Iphone

Just follow the link here:


Competella R2 running out resources, reporting to Skype for Business............

I had an issue the last week where calls was not able to come into the Competella R2 MA client.
In the logfiles for Competella this is what we saw:
[Error] CreateConferenceAsyncResult::OnCreated
 ! The request failed with reason: maxConferencesExceeded.
 ! A 403 (maxConferencesExceeded) response was received from the network and the operation failed. See the exception details for more information.
 ! A 403 (maxConferencesExceeded) response was received from the network and the operation failed. See the exception details for more information.


Skype for Business Online, Broadcast and Yammer integration

One of the MVP's i New Sealand has published this great video about how to integrate Yammerfeed into Broadcast.

Broadcast is a new feature that soon will come to Skype for Business Online. With Broadcast you can host meetings for upto 10000 users.
Be aware that sound and video will be 20 seconds delayed.


Competella upgrade to Skype for Business

I had this pleasure to Upgrade from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business #Skype4B for a few weeks ago.
When it comes to Competella server, the frist I did was that since we was on R1, I had to build a New Competella server based on the Lync 2013 install. When tested that one and it Works, we then start to plan for the Upgrade.
After all Lync 2013 servers was upgraded then we started on Competella server. We then upgraded the UCMA and moved the pool, running at the same procedure as we did on the Lync 2013 installation.
Then we had to reboot the server and get in the patches.
Then it seems like working, but then we discovered that some services in Competella did not work.
Some dialog With Competella Support, well and then we had to install the Competella up on the New UCMA even we had it on Place when we had it installed.

But anyway, this make the Magic working.....Thanks to Thomas Stubergh my co-worker at Skill AS and to Competella support who sloved this  for us.


SkillTV is out with 2 new programs

Today SkillTV launched 2 New episodes.
They can be found here. http://www.skill.no/video/videoblogg.aspx

Episode number 3 is about Azure AD With Jan Vidar Elven
Episode number 4  is about #Skype4B With Kai Stenberg

The host for these shows is Elham Binai who is the HR Director at Skill AS.

All episodes are in Norwegian only at present time.


SkillTV.....about Skype for Business

Later today I will do a youtube video where I will talk about Skype for Business on SkillTV.
The URL will come out as soon as the video is out. This video will be in Norwegian only,.



As I and Dr.Lync has tested the SNOM m9R on Lync server 2013, there has been som trouble With this.
One issue has been it seems like it sleeps when not used, and the user has to unplug the DECT station and reboot both the handset and base.
I have last week got an email from SNOM in Germany telling me this important information:
1. SNOM m9R is a Product that they will stop makeing.
2. SNOM m9R is not supported on Lync 2013. It was only able to work on Lync 2010 and OCS2007R2.

hmmm after knowing that, I will now not recommend this to be used together With Lync 2013 or Skype for Business server 2015.


Skype for Business in Azure

It's been a some times since my last blog, but I have so buzy and after Ignite who was great except for for the Food at the Ignite.
I have started to work on a demo solution where I plan to install Skype for Business #Skype4B in Azure. At present time I have upgraded the Frontend Server from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business server 2015. I have ordered a SIP trunk over Internet. When this is enabled on the colocated Mediation server, well then I shall try out EV for Azure. If this Works fine, I will install Competella Attendant and Dolphin Q from Loxysoft as a Contract Center.
The SIP trunk has been given to me for free use by NextGenTel and Tom-Roar Nilsen.

More update will come as I progress............


MS Ignite is done and back to normal days again

MS Ignite in Chicago was great. Lots of great speakers and lots of News.
On one of the sessions they showed of the Skype for business Broadcast function that comes in Skype for business Online.
From this feature you can have "Meeting" With upto 10000 People and also record it so that it can be downloaded later.
When using the broadcast function, all sound and what you show off is 20 secunds delayed. And it will play off in Your webbrowser.


Skype4B client, automatic update and Competella Attendant

One of my customer did roll out the latest patch from Microsoft to the Office 2013 pack. They are also New to Lync 2013, and has Enterprise Voice.


Skype for Business...it’s almost here

As a lot of us know, from the 14th April 2015 Microsoft will start to send out the patch for Office365 Office, Office2013 Pro Plus and even more. Have you informed your employees in your company who has Office2013 Pro Plus or Office from O365?

Do you use System Center to rollout patches and updates or can uses get then from Windows Update?

This Tuesday in this patch we will get then new Skype for Business client. But are you ready for it? What about your plugins in Lync client, will the work?


Skype For Business dates are here

Yesterday we got the dates for Skype For Business. For users running Office 2013 Pro Plus they will get an update April 14th With the New Skype For Business Client.
Then server update will be launched 1.st May.

For more information check this blog


Lync and configure SIP trunk with Phonero (Norwegian Telco Company)

I have the last few weeks working on a project where Phonero (www.phonero.no) is the SIP Trunk provider.
Normaly when working With Direct SIP almost every SIP trunk provider has the same procedure to get this working.  But recarding when it comes to Phonero, well Things are a bit different.

This is how I got i working from the Lync 2013 side.


Vision for the future.....the future is here

Microsoft published today a new Skype for Business video on You Tube today.

Some say this is the future, and I will say the future is here real soon. There are lot's of folks out there working to make Skype for Business ready for you.
There are lot's of system integrators who are ready to take you there.

When you will choose you future please choose a partner of Microsoft that know what they are doing. Well some time you have to pay more, but then you will get it work.

There is nothing more expensive then bad consultants..................

Looking forward to help you with Skype for Business.


February update for Lync 2013

After I have tested the February update for Lync 2013 server, I have noticed that the server has to boot twice to get all the changes.
For one of my customers we noticed that Edge and FrontEnd server had some issues and after the second reboot well then it started to work again.

One of the Error that we had was that mobile users and external users had issues to sign into Lync form external. Also that SNOM m9R had some signin issue aswell With the Error named "Final handshake".

But the second boot from the frontend server solved this issue.


Skype for Business

Yesterday was the first online session about the introduction from Microsoft. My present blog has the link to where you can join us.
As we know there will be an inbound Upgrade from Lync 2013 to Skype4B.
You can also run SQL 2014 for you Skype4B solution.
If you plan from what I understood was in Lync 2010, well then you have to migrate you over to Lync 2013 and from there to Skype4B.

There will be many sessions comming now every week, and it is very interesting to listen to the first one. In Central Europe they will start at 5pm.

Hope you will join us..........


Skype for Business sessions comming up soon

Finaly, a taste of Skype for Business is here soon. There are lots of sessions comming up soon.
Just register at this link for it.
I will be there and hope you will to.


Skype4Business is now a part of Office365 Summit

From Micrsoft I did get this information earlier today. Read more about it here.


From this I am looking forward to Microsoft Ignite in Chicago, and as the rest of us Lync/Skype4B geeks.

Hope to see you @MSIgnite


Lync 2013 Desember 2014 update Server

Yesterday, Microsoft come out with the last server update for the Lync 2013 server.
The Direct download is here:

What is fixed can be read about from this site:


I will do some install of this on my Office's Lync 2013 and will report back if there is something strange about it.