Tendfor - Teams- PSTN Calling

Well folks, I have known this for a while but now it's out. PSTN Calling for switchboard using Graph API is here. First out is ofcourse Tendfor. If you click on the link you will find all about in LinkedIN where they published it.


Cool new stuff for Teams

YeaLink new products

Yesterday I was on pre-recorded webinar with Yealink. This was about the new products that are just around the corner.

This was some of the tools they showed at 

Based on what I saw there, this is pretty cool. You can answer a Teams call and place this on hold when you get a mobile call. Then merge all those into a conference call. 
Looking forward to get my hands on the YeaLink WH66. And from what I have heard it will come after the Chinese New Year and the price is real good.


Channel calendar - New feature

 The new year just start with a new feature in Teams. Here comes the Channel Calendar.

This is great new feature for Teams. 

Important about the channel calendar!!!!

I have tested this out and found that this feature is not a part of the "private" channel. You can use is in a open channel, but not in private. It's important to be aware of this!!!

And one more thing, it's just 199 days until Skype Online is switched off.


New Year and lot's happens

 First of all happy new year. Let's hope 2021 will be better than 2020. But things happens around the world and here some news.


I started at the end of this year a new podcast. It's in Norwegian and is called Teams Cast Away and you find here on Spotify. Soon Episode #2 will be out.