Lync Web App client, Lync 2013 What's is supported

We are all happy about the new web Client for Lync 2013. No more SilverLight is needed to run this Client.
But if you still run Your Windows XP (not supported any more from Microsoft), be aware that you will not get this in  Your Web Client:
On supported Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 operating systems, computer-based voice and video are not available. Application viewing, application sharing, desktop viewing, and desktop sharing are available.

This has nothing to do With Your browser but Your operating systems. You need to get your IT-Department to Upgrade to a more modern OS.

More information about what kind of functionality you will get in your web Client when installing the plugin you can read about here


CentralManagement Store moveing, gives some strange error

Normaly when moveing CentralManagement Store (CMS) in Lync we just install the databases With the install-csdatabase commandlet in Lync Management Shell.
But from time to time I have seen that there might be some errors.
One of them was: Move-CsManagementServer : Export configuration data failed. Exception Details:
Exception : System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904):
Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.XdsBackupAllItems'.
Server stack trace:

and when I looked on the server in topology it said it had moved the CMS. Everything was working just fine.
But when I checked the move-centralmanagementServer it still had a old servername. Well then I just went into the old frontend server and run these commands
Export-CsConfiguration -FileName "d:\_source\csConfiguration.zip"
Export-CsLisConfiguration -FileName "c:\_source\CSLisconfiguration.zip"
Then I copied those files over to the New Lync 2013 server.
and then I ran this command:
Move-CsManagementServer -ConfigurationFileName "d:\_source\CsConfiguration.zip" -LisConfigurationFileName "d:\_source\CsLisConfiguration.zip" -Force

This fixed my Error for this case and then we was good to go :-)


Review of Sennheiser SC 260 Lync USB

For the last 2 weeks I have been useing Sennheiser SC 260 for Lync.

What a headset. The sound of it useing Music, just great. The sound is full and it deliver the way Sennheiser can do sound.
Used With Lync 2013 it is just brilliant. Works smooth and real easy to install.
This is just pure value for Money.