CentralManagement Store moveing, gives some strange error

Normaly when moveing CentralManagement Store (CMS) in Lync we just install the databases With the install-csdatabase commandlet in Lync Management Shell.
But from time to time I have seen that there might be some errors.
One of them was: Move-CsManagementServer : Export configuration data failed. Exception Details:
Exception : System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904):
Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.XdsBackupAllItems'.
Server stack trace:

and when I looked on the server in topology it said it had moved the CMS. Everything was working just fine.
But when I checked the move-centralmanagementServer it still had a old servername. Well then I just went into the old frontend server and run these commands
Export-CsConfiguration -FileName "d:\_source\csConfiguration.zip"
Export-CsLisConfiguration -FileName "c:\_source\CSLisconfiguration.zip"
Then I copied those files over to the New Lync 2013 server.
and then I ran this command:
Move-CsManagementServer -ConfigurationFileName "d:\_source\CsConfiguration.zip" -LisConfigurationFileName "d:\_source\CsLisConfiguration.zip" -Force

This fixed my Error for this case and then we was good to go :-)

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