What's new in Teams November 2023

 What is new in Teams November 2023?

Lets start with Teams Calling

- New Shortcut for Calls in Teams
- GA of the new Microsoft Teams app for virtual desktop (VDI)


Some Ignite 2023 News and a bit more

 Last nite Ignite 2023 Hybrid from Seatle kicked off. This year it's all about Copilot.

First Bing Search Enterprise and Bing Search is now known as CoPilot. This is a huge step. Frontline Workers who has F3 will now get "Bing Search Enterprise AKA CoPilot".


Copilot or just Teams Premium and some podcast news

 Yesterday at MVP-dagen 2023 in Oslo. MVP Knut Relbe-Moe and I had a great session in Norwegian where we talked about M365 Copilot and Teams Premium.

We also showed cool features regarding the stuff that comes in Power Virtual Agent, when you can combine features like:

- external webpages (max nuber of pages are 4)

- that you can add documents to the PVA 

- add Power Platform connectors.

This will be real cool when it comes to rest of the world and not just in North America. 

Then we also showed "fun with Bing" using Copilot in Bing with Edge. Works real good. :-)


Copilot and Teams Voice

 From my point of view I think Copilot will make a huge impact on Teams Calling and Teams Voice.

Companies who use only mobile and think that is what they need, well I think you are wrong.


MTR news

 What's new in Teams MTR

I have the last few months worked with serveral MTR's and here are some cool new stuff I want to tell you ahout.

QR Code


What's new in Teams and more

Something is about to happens

 Almost time for me to head of to Commsverse 2023 and get all the good information there. Starting next week (21-22 June).  Hope to see you there. This year for me there is all about networking and joint all the great speakers and presenters.


Dyn365 Marketing – TEAMS integrations

 In my search for integrations I have start to look into Dyn365 Marketing. I have read on Microsoft that this can be integrated with Teams.

How to make it work?

When starting Dyn356 Marketing and if you have Teams running


Cisco running MTR Teams now in BETA

Cisco goes to Microsoft Teams

Yesterday 25th may 2023, my co-worker Bent Arild Helstrup and I gpt our hands in the beta from Cisco.

The first we did was to connect to the Cisco portal/HUB. And claim the beta.

Then we installed the Cisco Mini and upgraded the system and run a factory reset.

Then we installed it and choose Microsoft Teams for the MTR. Here you can choose what you want to do.

Then we logged into this  and we got this

On this system we use the Standard license. 


Unboxing Jabra Speak2 75

 Yesterday I got my Jabra Speak2 75 and here is how I unboxed it.

It started like this


Shared channels does not working

 I have for several customers started to work with shared channels in Teams. We have been using the B2B Direct connect config.

One thing I saw and thanks to MVP Mårten Hellebro and MVP Luca Vitali for great advice to fix the issue.


Yealink BH76 - New Teams headset

 Yealink BH-76 

Finaly, after ISE 2023 in Barcelona, I got my Yealink BH76.  So what's with it?


What’s new in Teams Calling, Meetings and Devices, January 2023

 There are aways  lot's of new things that happens in TEAMS. In this blog I will focus on whats new in TEAMS Calling, Meetings and Devices.


New Teams Phone Mobile Calling

 During the weekend I just saw a post in the flash on LinkedIN. If I'm not wrong the post was from Tom Arbuthnot @tomtalks.

So what is about? Well There are now two more operators in Teams Mobile.

Earlier we had in Sweden (Telia) and in Canada (Rogers Business)


Wakeup for MRT - Enter Powersavings

 First of all, thanks to Kim Dahl at Logitech Norway for this tip.

This tip has helped some of my customers using Logitech Rally and screens that does not fall into sleep.