Dyn365 Marketing – TEAMS integrations

 In my search for integrations I have start to look into Dyn365 Marketing. I have read on Microsoft that this can be integrated with Teams.

How to make it work?

When starting Dyn356 Marketing and if you have Teams running

So when clicking on the chat boubles 

This comes up the first time

The chat like you have in other versions of Dyn365. Then we need to goto View Admin settings and here we find

Then we configure what we think we need.

In my lab I don’t use Confidential Labels at the present time.Then we are done and press save.

In the Dyn365 Marketing we now get this

We are done and now we can start to chat with our CO-WORKERS. The integrations does not support Federation from my knowledge.

Well thats a rap, hope this guide you to use Teams a bit more.

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