Replace TMG Forefront 2010, what shall you do?

As we all know the Forefont TMG 2010 is a Product that is about to end. Microsoft has said this: Microsoft announced the Forefront TMG 2010 product will be discontinued. Microsoft will continue to provide mainstream support for TMG until April 14, 2015.


New features for Lync Room System

There are lots of you out there who has Lync Room System also known as LRS.
There are some new features that has come out yesterday.

You can read about them there:


Jabra Evolve series.....how are they? What do people say about them?

I was so Lucky to win a Jabra Evolve 80 MS Stereo and then because I like headset and is about to start my campaign "Good headset for kids at School". Jabra send me for free and for test the following:

Jabra Evolve 20
Jabra Evolve 40
Jabra Evolve 65

All the Lync Versions.
My co-workers has tried tthem and use them in Our Office or out working for Our customers.


Lync 2013 and Skype video

Under Friday 5th desember we did get Video from Lync to Skype. This is a part of where we are going to move into Skype4Business. This feature was talked about during the Lync Conf14 in Las Vegas, and now it's here.
Here you find the Lync Team Blog and can read more about it:


Jabra Evolve 65 UC Stereo

Today I finaly got my Jabra Evolve 65. WOW, what a headset. It just so great. No Cable. The sound in this is great. The fittings is great.
To install it, just plug in the USB 360 dongle and you are ready.
Remember to charge the headset using the cable that follows With it and soon you are ready.
Together With Lync and With Your Mobile phone, it just Works.
This headset is simple to use and it just Works. It will be great for Lync Pro and for Office users in Contact Centers.
I have just testet the stereo and fits nice also if you have glasses. On of my co-workers tried it and he just loved it.
This will be the new standard headset where I work. If you want more information about it just send me and Message here in this blog or on twitter @kaistenberg


Lync becomes SKYPE for Business

As many of us have seen the other days is that Lync will now change name to Skype for Business. For us who is installing Lync what will this say for us?
Where are this going?


Jabra Evolve series

From next week will I start to test all the headset's in the Jabra Evolve series. I have earlier written a blog about the Evolve 80, who I think is one of the best Lync Pro headsets with cable that I have been tested so far.
So just follow this blog and you will get the result of the Evolve Series.

Thanks to Jabra Norway who are letting me have these headsets.


SNOM m9r at homeoffice

An ex-coworker of me Kjetil Lindløkken @Evry has written a blogpost about how to get the Snom M9r to work on you local network.

Well, knowing this, I had to take it a bit longer. Would this work at my homeoffice.
So I took it from my Office @Skill and home. Plugged it in and cleared all the log's on the base, and restartet it.
Ofcourse it working. My network is from Altibox and I have some kind of a WIFI/cable router from NetGear.


Lync on MAC part 2

I have earlier written about how to get Lync running on Your MAC. Well I have an update.
You can read the first here:
And here is the update that you might have to do aswell.

1.go to setting "regional language prefs"

2. Move second place language in the list to the top (by dragging it up list)

3. Restart

4. Return original language to top of list

5. Restart

6. Lync is now working
Lot's of thanks to my Co-worker @skill named Trond Jelsnes Undrum who found this way deep down in MAC forum........


Headsets for the Lync Pro

Yesterday I was the lucky one who was one of three who won the Jabra Evolve 80 headset. I have today tried this out on my homeoffice.

Let's start a campaign.....

I was yesterday on a meeting with Jabra, and this made me think. Are you knowable that in Norway we are spending 2.7 billion NOK because we are getting problems with hearing. They get Tinitus and other issues so that they need hearing aid. Do you want this?


Microsoft Ignite, Chicago 4-8 May 2015

Dear Reader of my blog......Be ready for this.

Error in the event log after upgrade from Lync 2010 to Lync 2013, try to resolve the old pool

I have been struggle With an error in the eventlog telling that the fronend server tries to replicate to the old dedeployed Lync 2010 server after uninstalled the old server and fileshare.
Working together With Microsoft support we found that the error was related to the XDS database was not updated or contained the correct information.


Lync 2013 October Update 2014 for Lync Client

The October update 2014 for Lync Client 2013 is out.
Now you can hide Picture in IM sessions is one of the New Things in this update.
For more information check out this URL:


Headset and bad sound kills Lync

I have earlier talked about how important there is with headset for Lync. If the users shall have good experience using Lync, well headset is the main thing to put Your Money into.
It can be said so easy.....Bad Sound Kills Lync.


Lync on MAC

When you want to use Lync on MAC you must remember to import the local CA root certificate. You can get the root CA from Your IT Department or you can export the certificate from Your local computer.
When this is installed then you must fill out Your sip address and on Advanced type Your domain\username and Your password.
Then just Login and you are good to go.


Lync 2013, September 2014 patch

Today I downloaded the Lync 2013, september 2014 patch to run the install for the Company I work work. It was downloaded from this site:http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/2809243
We have a plan that we want to install it on out internal Lync 2013 environment before we install it for our customers.
Well I have noticed something strange duing the installation of this patch.

1. On my FrontEnd server the web Components failed to Upgrade and we had to reboot the FrontEnd server and run the LyncServerUpdateInstaller.msi again to get it installed and updated.
2. On the Edge server the update of Windows Fabric failed, and had to reboot it and so update it again.

I had the same issue when I did  the August 2014 patch for Lync 2013 server, but there I had it on the FrontEnd and Edge server that Windows Fabric failed to Upgrade.

Anyone out there had this same issue when updateing to September 2014 patch?


Lot's of strange behavior when change certificate on Lync 2013 Edge server

This is a strange thing when you are change the external certificate for Lync 2013 Edge server. We did for a customer changed from Geocities to Comodo certificate.

After that we got this strange error in the Eventlogg: Event ID 14428, LS Protocol Stack
TLS outgoing connection failures.

Over the past 8 minutes, Lync Server has experienced TLS outgoing connection failures 18 time(s). The error code of the last failure is 0x80072746 while trying to connect to the server

Then I did a lot of search on uncle Google, but I was not able to find any solutions to this issue.


Proxy error on the client and certificate error

The other day I was struggeling with some strange errors on a Lync deployment I did for one of my customers.
The first was that some users did get this error:


August 2014 server patch for Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition

I have been installing the Lync 2013 August 2014 patches on different Lync 2013 installations. On one installation where we had a Enterprise edtion with 3 servers for the FrontEnd. The first server it all went fine. When I started on the second server it went quite well but the last part of the patch that contains Windows Fabric, it failed.


Using ISS ARR as a reverse proxy for Lync

Since TMG Forefront is soon to be close for sale we have to think and look into other reverse proxy solution.
From what we can read from Microsoft is this:

For a new customer I have installed the ISS ARR as a reverse proxy and this is what I did.


Gartner Magic Quadrant 2014

As we can see. Microsoft is now the leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant. Cisco has the latest two years been the leader.

From the report we can read this.

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync offers a full suite of UC functionality that Microsoft continues to improve with each release. It integrates with Office applications, Active Directory and Skype. Microsoft has a broad set of additional business applications that will increasingly be leveraged, including Office Graph (which uses machine learning to define the context and connect users with relevant documents, conversations and people) and Cortana (a digital assistant).


Powershell Script enable users in different OU's and with enterprise Voice

To make Automatic enable users from AD to Lync With Enterprise Voice. I have made a PowerShell script to do this.
This script can be used as a scheduled task.  This can be used as you want it.
Here is the code:

#Script for automatic enable users for Lync 2013

#THere can be used list of OU,DC if users are in different OU's.

#Remember to change RegistrarPool

#SipAddresser is EQ Mailaddress

#Made by Kai Stenberg, Solution Architect Lync Skill AS

#$write shall be set to $true when running the script in production
$write = $false;

#Delete old files if the script has been run before
if (Test-Path c:\temp\disabledLyncUsers.txt) {

del c:\temp\disabledLyncUsers.txt;

if (Test-Path c:\Temp\enabledLyncUsers.txt) {

del c:\Temp\enabledLyncUsers.txt;

#set up your list of OU's and domain name

#See the example under, has to be changed to your settings
$adOus = ("OU=Employees,OU=Users,OU=HQ,DC=domain,DC=local",


#New users will be enabled and Enterprice voice ready
foreach ($ou in $adOus) {

$newLyncUser = get-csaduser -OU $ou -filter { Enabled -ne $true }

foreach ($user in $newLyncUser) {

if ($write) {

$user | Enable-csuser -RegistrarPool <poolname of Lync> -SipAddressType EmailAddress;

$user | Set-CsUser -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true;

#If using other Dialplan or voice policy then Global please remove the # on the next 2 rows

#$user | Set-CsUser -Dialplan "<name of dialplan>"

#$user | Set-CsUser -VoicePolicy "<name of Voicepolicy>"

else {

$user | Out-File -Append c:\Temp\disabledLyncUsers.txt;




# get-csaduser -filter {Enabled -ne $True -and OU -iin $adOus} | foreach {

# Enable-CsUser -RegistrarPool <poolnameFQDN> -SipAddressType EmailAddress}

# Set-CsUser -EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true


Telenor Office365 and great stuff going on

There are some interesting things going on here in Norway. As you might know Telenor is now providing telephony in Office365. It’s not Microsoft Office365, but Telenor Office365. You can read about it here in Norwegian….http://www.telenor.no/bedrift/office365/

But what makes this interesting is that this can work together with Azure. This gives the opportunity to run attendant application in Lync 2013, like Competella.

This makes it all very interesting and for small customers that don’t can afford to have Lync 2013 Onpremise but want to replace their PBX, can now go for this solution.



Lync Day in Norway

At the 14th October 2014 the first Lync Day in Norway will take place.
More information  will be here.


Lync Conference 2015....what's up

From what we can read on Twitter and other social media Microsoft has desided to not have dedicated Lync Conference next year. What they wil do is to make a huge conference where they have the Technet NA, Lync Conference, Sharepoint Conference and many more in one event.
They will name this Microsoft’s unified technology event for enterprises.

More information about this can be read about here:

This great event will take place in Chicago IL from 4th May 2015. Does this date ring a bell.....it's the Star Wars Day :-) May the force be with  you.  See you all there :-)


Lync Web App client, Lync 2013 What's is supported

We are all happy about the new web Client for Lync 2013. No more SilverLight is needed to run this Client.
But if you still run Your Windows XP (not supported any more from Microsoft), be aware that you will not get this in  Your Web Client:
On supported Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 operating systems, computer-based voice and video are not available. Application viewing, application sharing, desktop viewing, and desktop sharing are available.

This has nothing to do With Your browser but Your operating systems. You need to get your IT-Department to Upgrade to a more modern OS.

More information about what kind of functionality you will get in your web Client when installing the plugin you can read about here


CentralManagement Store moveing, gives some strange error

Normaly when moveing CentralManagement Store (CMS) in Lync we just install the databases With the install-csdatabase commandlet in Lync Management Shell.
But from time to time I have seen that there might be some errors.
One of them was: Move-CsManagementServer : Export configuration data failed. Exception Details:
Exception : System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904):
Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.XdsBackupAllItems'.
Server stack trace:

and when I looked on the server in topology it said it had moved the CMS. Everything was working just fine.
But when I checked the move-centralmanagementServer it still had a old servername. Well then I just went into the old frontend server and run these commands
Export-CsConfiguration -FileName "d:\_source\csConfiguration.zip"
Export-CsLisConfiguration -FileName "c:\_source\CSLisconfiguration.zip"
Then I copied those files over to the New Lync 2013 server.
and then I ran this command:
Move-CsManagementServer -ConfigurationFileName "d:\_source\CsConfiguration.zip" -LisConfigurationFileName "d:\_source\CsLisConfiguration.zip" -Force

This fixed my Error for this case and then we was good to go :-)


Review of Sennheiser SC 260 Lync USB

For the last 2 weeks I have been useing Sennheiser SC 260 for Lync.

What a headset. The sound of it useing Music, just great. The sound is full and it deliver the way Sennheiser can do sound.
Used With Lync 2013 it is just brilliant. Works smooth and real easy to install.
This is just pure value for Money.


Wrapup Office365 Summit in Copenhagen

As earlier written I was at Office365 Summit in Copenhagen.
Since I work as known with Lync, I think this was great since I just followed the Lync track.
One of the session was about Networking and scaling network using the bandwidth calculator spreadsheet. Great tool and great to learn how Microsoft Consulting Services thinks about this. I Norway where I work we don't have so large deployment but it was usefull to learn about this.
Lync 2013 Bandwidth Calculator
There was also session about Central Logging tool and how to use this searching for error. Tip to how to use this and what Powershell commands are something like this:
Start-CsClsLogging -Scenario AlwaysOn
Start-CsClsLogging -Scenario IncomingAndOutgoingCall
wait for 5 minutes
try to Call inn
Stop-CsClsLogging –Scenario IncomingAndOutgoingCall
wait for 2 mins

Search-CsClsLogging –OutputFilePath c:\Logfiles\LogFile.txt

Check the output file for information.

We also check out LRS (Lync Room Systems) how it Works and how to configure.
Thanks to all the People who took their time to be there, do the education and great labs aswell.

We also had a great party on thursday, and we had a great time...........


Office365 Summit in Copenhagen Denmark

Well TechEd_NA is done. Office365 Summit in Denmark is the next show. I will be there. Following the Lync tracks from 21th May to 23th May at Commaxx.
There will be over 80 sessions these 3 days in different directions. But for me it's the Lync 2013 track I will follow.
I will try to blog about this every night so please watch for updates how it was that day.
The first day will be about this:
Module 1: Lync Network Assessment Methodology Part 1
Lab Walk-through: Experiencing Usage Modeling
Module 2: Lync Network Assessment Methodology Part 2

More information will come. Please also look for me on Twitter @kaistenberg since I will report there as well.



Lync 2013 more about Checkpoint

Note to my self...........

For a customer I had a huge struggle with Checkpoint. I don't know if it's me or what it is :-)
We had this administrator network to reach all the servers, and for this network they had internaly open all the traffic for ANY/ANY since it was only the IT-Department running on this network.

When connecting to Lync2013 from this network it failed.
WHY???? since we had opened it for ANY/ANY.
Well ANY/ANY is not any/any in Checkpoint it's almost any/alomost any :-). When Lync Client connect on SSL, the Checkpoint strip this traffic and you are not able to logon the Lync Client from this network.

Why the Checkpoint does this I don't know. We had to add TCP 5061 in front of the ANY/ANY rule and then it work.

Happy Checkpointing and Lync 2013 out there.


Lync2013 and CheckPoint Firewall...

I have noticed something strange when it comes to the customers using Checkpoint Firewall. What we found out was that if we used the default rules in Checkpoint for traffic on Port 5061, well then it stripped out the SSL traffic and send the rest as normal traffic.

Why Checkpoint strip down the traffic I don’t know. To solve this we had to create normal TCP 5061 rules for this type of traffic.


For my customer we had involved Microsoft Premier Support, have been checking the Lync 2013 deployment up and down, checked the certificates, analysed network, server, clients and it all. The whole time it was the CheckPoint FW who stopped us and we could not see it J



How to move users from LyncOnline to Lync OnPremise?

Well, I have used this script to move users from LyncOnline to LyncOnPremise for a customer.

First we had to set some attributes for the user in Active Directory:

Get-ADUser -identity "<id of the user>" -Properties MSRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress | % {
    Set-AdUser "<id of the user>" -Add @{'MSRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress'="sip:user@domain.com"}

Then we moved the user from the Lync Online to the Lync OnPremise:

Move-CsUser -Identity "<id of the user>" -Target <lyncpool.com> -Credential $creds -HostedMigrationOverrideUrl https://admin0e.online.lync.com/HostedMigration/hostedmigrationservice.svc

Then we checked that the user has been moved to the OnPremise Pool:

Get-Csuser | FT RegistrarPool, Identity, SipAddress -AutoSize

Then we had to enable the user for Lync OnPremise:

Enable-CsUser -Identity "<name of the user>" -RegistrarPool "<poolname.domain.com" -SipAddress "sip:<sipaddress@domain.com"


Lync and Azure....my conclution

I have tried as you can see from an earlier blog to install Lync 2013 in Azure. So far the Lync Server 2013 FrontEnd works just fine. No problem as long you remember to use my tip about the SQL and cache on Virtual disks.
When it comes to mediation server and Edge server we all know that they require 2 NIC and this is not supported in Azure.
Based on that information,well and since Microsoft clearly say that Lync 2013 is not supported, I have decided to stop my project at this time.
It was great to try, but as way Azure works now, well then I don't have more time to do this and will build a demo environment based on Hyper-V.


Lync in Azure....had to try it

Even Lync 2013 in Azure is not supported from Microsoft, I had to try it to work.
After installed the prerequisites for Windows 2012R2, and did an AD prep, and made up the DNS records I was ready.
Started to install the Lync Tools. Then prepared the first standard edition server.
Lync Local Configstore went just fine. No problems.
When I come to Step 2 in  the wizard, it failed. Did some search for the error that it could not create backend SQL.
Found an TechNet article saying that this could be since we did have to little CPU and memory, reconfigured my server to 4 CORE CPU and 28GB Ram, rebooted the server and tried Step 2 again.
It failed again. Startet to check around.
There seems to a timeout issue when it comes to Azure and when creating the backend databases.
A tip from kloud.com.au saying that he had the same error
See the part about Lync in Azure.
When we make a New drive for the Lync server we did the PowerShell command like this
Install-CsDatabase -LocalDatabases -DatabasePaths F:\CsData

Then we did Step 2 again and it worked. Then I did Step3 certificates and all services started.

Great job before the weekend comes up. I will see how I can fix the Edge server later next week and just wait for how that goes.

I know that this is not supported from MicroSoft at present time but I think this will give a good way to atleast make a LAB Project and maybe some customer want to build a QA environment i Azure.

Anyway, nice to have done it :-)


Lync 2013 direct SIP trunk...who say the sound is bad?

When I am out trying to convince my customer about Lync 2013 and how good this is, I have the last year heard that in Lync 2013 you have bad sound.
Some say that we have been told that they have to have a Cisco CCM PBX in front of the Lync 2013 since Lync 2013 has bad sound?
Well, I think this is wrong, and other Companies trying to sell way much hardware/software and that they don't know how great sound in Lync 2013 and with QoS and great headset, network well then you will get great sound.
When competitors of mine tells that Lync 2013 is bad, but with for exsample with Cisco the sound will be good. Well you are wrong.
This video is in Norwegian and is made by Microsoft and they are Reference customer for Microsoft.

I can understand that partners who is stucked with Cisco will sell this for what it's worth, but why spend all your Money on Cisco lisences when you will get same sound quality using Lync 2013.

You will not get good sound if your network is bad, or your headset is bad. Quality the Whole way will give you great sound in Lync 2013.


Lync and Avaya, what does it say and what to do

Well Im back from Vegas and LyncConf. What a show, and those News. Just great.
At present time I'm out on job installing Lync 2013 for a customer. HLBA, 3 frontEnd, 2 Mediation and more.
They have and Avaya CS 1000 that shall be Integrated. I have checked out and Avaya is supported on Direct SIP, but as Microsoft say, this is at present time, and we don't know about the next versions of the Avaya software. So we would advise you to use an gateway.
Well, that was easy or was it.
To invest in a gateway for about 2500 users, well you need a lot of SIP lisences for the gateway. Shall the Gateway be part of the cluster og HLB.
How long shall Avaya live before we go for the SIP trunk Direct from a telco?
This is needs that we have to talk to the customer about.

As now we landed on to advise Our customer to go for the Gateway. I think there will be a Sonus SBC 2000 With dual Power......... More will come on this later :-)


LyncConf has started....and what a start

Well here we are. LyncConf14 has started. The News are here and we will get this:

1. HD video betweek SKYPE and LYNC 2013, comes in the end of June.
2. Integration between Tandberg/Cisco and Lync over the VCS
3. Client for Android.
4. Powerpoint support for Iphone.
5. Splitscreen for PowerPoint :-)

For Office365 we will get:
Support for Large Meetings
Microsoft comes now With telephony in O365 and this is not like the Telenor Office365.

More information will come later in the Conference.


Arrived to Las Vegas.....what a place

Well this is one of many blogs that will come out this week. Tomorrow we start up with Master Class by SNOM at the Monte Carlo Hotel from 1200 to 4pm. From 4 PM to 6 PM Microsoft Nordic has a welcome at Aria Resort and Casion, and at 6:30pm there is a welcome reception for all the People here at LyncConf14.
More technial information will come when we start up tuesday morning.


Almost ready for LyncConf 2014

Well, tomorrow saturday 15th of february I'm off to Las Vegas and this years major happening in the Lync environment.
Got an email from Microsoft Norway today telling that there are about 2000 peopole who will be at this conference.  This will be great fun and knowledgeable for all of us.
As promised i will blog from the Conference here in English and i Norwegian at www.samhandle.no.

So just look out for more information and what's happening. I will be also on Twitter @kaistenberg #skillas, #Lyncconf14.

So just follow me :-)


Changeing Picture in Lync Client

By dedault URL Picture  on Your Lync Client 2013 are disabled.
With this simple script you can use Picture from URL.

$pe=New-CsClientPolicyEntry -Name EnablePresencePhotoOptions -Value True

$po=Get-CsClientPolicy -Identity Global


Set-CsClientPolicy -Instance $po

Run this from Management Shell on Your frontendserver but if you have more than Global Policy well then you must change Your Identity for Your policy.


Multiple SQL instances and different ports for each instance

One of my best friends Kjetil Lindløkken has done this in the Lync 2013 topology. The issue was how to get the Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition to use different instances for SQL server, and different ports.
As we all knows the default port is 1433 for the SQL and so does Lync 2013 also use at Default.
Well Kjetil found this out and has blogged about it here:


How to fix EWS trouble in Lync 2013 when it works for some users

I have been together With some coworkers where we have Exchange in Office365 (Exchange Online) and Lync On-Premise.
We had some issue where some had all presence information and Exchange EWS working just fine, but for some it has stopped working.


Lync 2013 Capasity planner

Found this today after a hint from my former coworker Kjetil Lindløkken. There is a new capasityplanner out for Lync 2013.
To use it you must have Excel installed. :-)
It can be downloadet from this site.
Capasity Planner Lync 2013

Good Luck using it and happy planning for your number of Lync 2013 servers.


NICConf done.....LyncConf 2014 comming up

NICConf Cloud Edtion was finished last Friday 18th.january. Great to have been there. There where lot's of tracks.


NICConf Coud Edition

As the same as last year, I will be at NICConf in Oslo. This year you will be able contact me @ the Skill stand.
I will also publish bloggs from NIC Conf. NicConf takes place in Oslo Spectrum 17th and 18th January 2014.

See you there.


QoS in a Lync 2013 environment

Based onTechnet I have created a document for QoS in a Lync 2013 environment.
The document can be downloadet from here.