Let's start a campaign.....

I was yesterday on a meeting with Jabra, and this made me think. Are you knowable that in Norway we are spending 2.7 billion NOK because we are getting problems with hearing. They get Tinitus and other issues so that they need hearing aid. Do you want this?

This is wrong. This comes out because many use the cheap headset at work, at school, and when you listen to music on you mobile, your Ipad, or your computer.

As some of you have noticed I have written several blogs about how bad sound can kill your Lync. Well this is one in the same direction, but this time it is not about Lync, but it’s about how you as a parent can open your eyes to find a way so your kids can have their hearing in order for the rest of their life.

I will therefore start a campaign and if you are a producer of headset, want to help, please contact me, because I think just here in Norway, well we then need to start to talk to our schools and tell them this that when using headset during education, with the wrong headset, well you can harm my kid and that is nothing I like.

I hope that you a producer of headset, want to make this so that all the schools out there I Norway can get the right headset for our children. This is it where it starts…….



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  1. I have spoke to Jabra Norway about this and we shal have a meeting in the middle of November. This will be great to set fokus on this.