Headset and bad sound kills Lync

I have earlier talked about how important there is with headset for Lync. If the users shall have good experience using Lync, well headset is the main thing to put Your Money into.
It can be said so easy.....Bad Sound Kills Lync.

Who want to do this:
When this can be how you want to this?

Got the point?
Headset can be delivered from different vendors, like Sennheiser, Jabra, Plantronic or Logitech. If you get some from an unknown vendor, well it can give you bad sound.

Be sure that Your headset is Optimized or Certified for Lync. Then you are save and will get a good headset. But there are other things that has to be taken care of also.
We are talking about QoS in the network, all way out to you endpoints. We are talking about the use of bandwith, WIFI and so on.
When taken right care of all this and if you have a scaled out Lync environment for you Company, well you will be have good sound and Your employees will love the Lync functionality.

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