Lync 2013 direct SIP trunk...who say the sound is bad?

When I am out trying to convince my customer about Lync 2013 and how good this is, I have the last year heard that in Lync 2013 you have bad sound.
Some say that we have been told that they have to have a Cisco CCM PBX in front of the Lync 2013 since Lync 2013 has bad sound?
Well, I think this is wrong, and other Companies trying to sell way much hardware/software and that they don't know how great sound in Lync 2013 and with QoS and great headset, network well then you will get great sound.
When competitors of mine tells that Lync 2013 is bad, but with for exsample with Cisco the sound will be good. Well you are wrong.
This video is in Norwegian and is made by Microsoft and they are Reference customer for Microsoft.

I can understand that partners who is stucked with Cisco will sell this for what it's worth, but why spend all your Money on Cisco lisences when you will get same sound quality using Lync 2013.

You will not get good sound if your network is bad, or your headset is bad. Quality the Whole way will give you great sound in Lync 2013.

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  1. Anonymous1/12/14 20:23

    I just saw this
    Looks like they support two nics now.
    All the best.