Lync and Azure....my conclution

I have tried as you can see from an earlier blog to install Lync 2013 in Azure. So far the Lync Server 2013 FrontEnd works just fine. No problem as long you remember to use my tip about the SQL and cache on Virtual disks.
When it comes to mediation server and Edge server we all know that they require 2 NIC and this is not supported in Azure.
Based on that information,well and since Microsoft clearly say that Lync 2013 is not supported, I have decided to stop my project at this time.
It was great to try, but as way Azure works now, well then I don't have more time to do this and will build a demo environment based on Hyper-V.

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  1. Anonymous1/12/14 20:25

    I just saw this
    Looks like they support two nics now.
    All the best.