August 2014 server patch for Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition

I have been installing the Lync 2013 August 2014 patches on different Lync 2013 installations. On one installation where we had a Enterprise edtion with 3 servers for the FrontEnd. The first server it all went fine. When I started on the second server it went quite well but the last part of the patch that contains Windows Fabric, it failed.

Then I rebooted the server and run the Update again and then it installed the Windows Fabric patch.
The same happend on the thrid FrontEnd and same procedure had to be done.
In the same installation we also have two Edge servers aswell and on the first it all went OK, but not on the second, then it failed on the second Edge server with the same error.

On the two mediation servers the patch went all ok.

Anyone out there who had the same issue during this August 2014 update, so please leave me a note her on the blog.

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