Lync becomes SKYPE for Business

As many of us have seen the other days is that Lync will now change name to Skype for Business. For us who is installing Lync what will this say for us?
Where are this going?

1. When it comes to Upgrade from Lync 2013 to vNext, well Microsoft will from what I have heard deliver an update package. With this in mind we will not set up extra servers to make the update, but just install the update on directly on the servers.
What about customers who shall goes from Lync 2010 to vNext? Well I have not heard anything about this, must they Upgrade to Lync 2013 frist and the do the vNext Upgrade. I think this might be the way to og, but I am sure that there will come more information about this.
See the video here:

2. With the best of Lync and the best of Skype in the new client. From the way I sees it, this is a huge way forward. This will all be there for us next year, and we are all ready for Skype4Business.

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