What's new in Teams November 2023

 What is new in Teams November 2023?

Lets start with Teams Calling

- New Shortcut for Calls in Teams
- GA of the new Microsoft Teams app for virtual desktop (VDI)

When it comes to the shortcut's you can use this key's.

The new shortcuts for Windows will be: 
Alt + Shift + A to initiate audio calls, 
Alt + Shift + V for video calls. 
For MacOs the new short cuts will be:
Option + Shift + A to initiate audio calls,
Option + Shift + V for video calls.

Webinar and Townhall

Engagement and analytics if you have Teams premium. If not, well get it :-)
When organizing an event, you can leverage engagement analytics to assess content and understand overall event engagement. 
You can view detailed engagement reporting at the individual attendee level including live reactions and raised hands across the webinar, as well as a summarized view of overall engagement analytics to drive the right level of follow-ups with attendees. 

Teams Room Devices

There are some new devices that has been certified they are:
Logitech Rally Bar Huddle
Poly Studio X52
Poly Studio Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
HP 435 FHD Webcam
HP 625 FHD Webcam

Teams PRO Management

There are now support for Teams Panel in the PRO Management portal. 
Teams Panels will appear under Inventory and Rooms. If a Panel is sharing a resource account with a Teams Room or Surface Hub, the Panel will appear in the Inventory list for the room. 
The Admin capabilities for panels include viewing the health status, app version, firmware version, and serial number of the device. 
Admins can also record an issue, remotely restart, apply config profiles, create groups, and add rooms with Teams panels.

Now we can also get BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) into the PRO Management, adding the devices.
There is also a better search functionality for rooms in the PRO portal.

Thanks to Martin Boam for sharing this. You will find the complete document here.

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