Goodbye 2023 and welcome 2024


The year of 2023 ended on a high note. MVP/RD/CEO Ståle Hansen was a guest on Norwegian Podcast. This was the three years anniversary episode. We talked about digital wellbeing and how to use the tools that is already in M365. During the 2023 the podcast TeamsCastAway delivered 16 episodes and hope you all liked it. The plan for 2024 will be around 10-15 episodes. Want to be a guest just contact me and we will figure out something.

The next big thing that happened was the entry of Copilot. It’s all over the place. As an MVP I have tested it for M365. This will be real powerful for all the users that needs it. Not all the users will need it. But here lot’s of cool functionality that will make so that workers will produce more.

One of the real good things about it is that the Teams Copilot will make meetings, voice calls and transfer of call better.  As showed here: https://youtu.be/tCYH6sIbn8E

But you need to have control for all your documents and files so that M365 Copilot will work for you. We call this M365 Copilot Readyness.

Picture created using Copilot with Dall-E 3. 

So what does 2024 bring to the table?

One of the big things is that Copilot will be everywhere. As we saw just before new year was Microsoft Copilot was launched for IOS and Android. The ear of AI and get control of Ai and be AI ready, will impact on many companies out there.

When Microsoft rolls out M365 Copilot to “everyone” that pays for it, the once who does not goes this extra mile for it, will from my view struggle. They will lose marked and even customers. Sorry to say it.

There will be lot of changes for companies. Many new roles will be and some will lose the their job and new jobs like AI operator or AI verifier will maybe new jobs for you.

For me, I will look forward to work with interesting people, great companies and maintain my Microsoft MVP title for the third year. 

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