Some Ignite 2023 News and a bit more

 Last nite Ignite 2023 Hybrid from Seatle kicked off. This year it's all about Copilot.

First Bing Search Enterprise and Bing Search is now known as CoPilot. This is a huge step. Frontline Workers who has F3 will now get "Bing Search Enterprise AKA CoPilot".

Some other stuff that is huge changes is 

But what is IntelliFrame? When using Teams Room PRO license you get this feature.


  •  Cloud IntelliFrame makes non-AI cameras smarter. With Cloud IntelliFrame, participants in the room appear similar to remote attendees, creating an immersive and engaging experience for everyone. Whether working from home or in the office, participants are able to see every facial expression and cue, as if they were there in person.
  • Intelligent camera support


  •  IntelliFrame enables multi-stream video, face recognition of in-room participants, active speaker recognition, attributed voice-based transcription, and panoramic video on front-of-room (180-degree view) and center-of-room (360-degree view) cameras, taking Teams Rooms on Windows cameras to the next level of intelligence.
You can read more about it here.

Want to know more about what's new at Ignite you can read the book of news here.

SharePoint Premium, did you see that come? 
In the book of news Microsoft say this about it.

As the volume of content grows across every organization in this era of digital transformation and AI, Microsoft is expanding its content management portfolio beyond SharePoint, the market leader in content platforms.

SharePoint Premium, Microsoft’s new AI-powered solution to transform content management, content experiences and get content ready for Microsoft Copilot, a set of tools that help people achieve more using AI, is now in preview and will be generally available early next year. SharePoint Premium will build structure, security and governance to ground an organization’s content, so Copilot has better information to leverage. New features will include:

Content experiences to help information workers in their flow of work, allowing them to seamlessly discover, interact and collaborate with hundreds of file types, while providing fresh content using AI analytics with branded document packaging.

Content solutions that optimize critical business processes with AI, security and automated workflows.
SharePoint Premium also includes content processing and content governance services and solutions, with both new and existing capabilities from Microsoft Syntex and Microsoft SharePoint Advanced Management. 

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