Copilot or just Teams Premium and some podcast news

 Yesterday at MVP-dagen 2023 in Oslo. MVP Knut Relbe-Moe and I had a great session in Norwegian where we talked about M365 Copilot and Teams Premium.

We also showed cool features regarding the stuff that comes in Power Virtual Agent, when you can combine features like:

- external webpages (max nuber of pages are 4)

- that you can add documents to the PVA 

- add Power Platform connectors.

This will be real cool when it comes to rest of the world and not just in North America. 

Then we also showed "fun with Bing" using Copilot in Bing with Edge. Works real good. :-)

We also talked about who shall use M365Copilot and who needs Teams Premium. This is not an easy thing to answer. But, Sales persons, Marketing, Financial can have good use of M365Copilot.

People that has lots meetings internal and external who are not working in Word, Excel or creating PowerPoints might have great experience with Teams Premium. But not everyone there either. 

The process find out who needs what before start to by all licenses we need, this is a very good options to think about.
And M365 Copilot is not for everyone. A person who does not jump in to Teams meeting, handle lots of emails and much more might not be the correct one for this. 

[picture on the left was created by BING Image Creator powered by DALL-E 3

There has also be some great fun at the podcast TeamsCastAway lately. Lot's of M365 Copilot and the new seasons going to have a great 3 year celebration with an important episode.

You find it here. Even robots has started to listen.


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