Yealink BH76 - New Teams headset

 Yealink BH-76 

Finaly, after ISE 2023 in Barcelona, I got my Yealink BH76.  So what's with it?
First of all i do think it's better than BH-72 who I found quite good. I think that the BH76 is better on sound and wearing. 
It's on ear and not over ear. The ANC is real good and something I realy like. But is has the same "pull out"mic as we know from BH-72. Works in the same way.
Together with the BH76 there is a dongle BT51. This is the same as on BH72. Works fine but are USBA. For me running Surface and most of the time works from home, well that is no issue. 
But can be a bit annoying if you run a PC with USB-C only. Would have been nice to get both in the same package. 
The charger works fine and also when charging my mobile. Love NFC
If there are one minus thing to mention, it must be that I think the bluetooth length is not what I am used to. A bit shorter but this can be how my home is.

Based on how I tried this, for meeting, podcast, Teams Calls and listen to music. I found this real good. 

Should you buy it? Why not. Yealink are good on battery time and makes from my view and persective great headset's.

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