What’s new in Teams Calling, Meetings and Devices, January 2023

 There are aways  lot's of new things that happens in TEAMS. In this blog I will focus on whats new in TEAMS Calling, Meetings and Devices.

There are not so much new in Teams calling but one feature that is now out are 

Federated Group Calling. 

This feature are describe like this: Easily start a group Teams call from a chat with federated colleagues outside your organization, including video and screen sharing — all over an internet connection without any PSTN usage charges.

We got new license named Teams Premium

Teams Premium makes every meeting from one-on-ones to large meetings, to virtual appointments to webinars, more personalized, intelligent, and secure. 
With Teams Premium, you can:
Extend your organization’s brand and company culture. 
Use AI to make the meetings you attend (and miss) more productive and impactful 
Apply advanced meeting protection 
Deliver a high-quality webinar experience
Manage the end-to-end virtual appointment experience
Teams Premium is now generally available!

Elgato Stream Deck

A real cool thing in devices that are out now is the Elgato Stream Deck. But be  aware that there are some bugs that are they work on to fix. So there might be some delayed in shipping.
Elgato Stream Deck

With the new Elgato Stream Deck plugin integration with Teams, you can now easily manage and control functions directly in a Teams meeting and webinar with a touch of a button. 

By programming custom keys on the Elgato Stream Deck device for some of the most widely used, common features in Teams, you’ll be able to manage controls more seamlessly, ensure you never get stuck on mute again, and remember to leave the event once it’s done.

Other things worth mention are

Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows
A new look for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows 
Start Whiteboard from a Teams meeting for Teams Rooms on Windows
Meeting chat on Gallery, Large gallery, and Together mode for Teams Rooms on Windows
In-meeting notification improvement for Teams Rooms on Windows
Certified devices
Poly CCX350 Value and durability in a versatile IP desk phone
Teams Desk phones
Teams app version: 1449/

Want to know more

If you want to read more just follow the link. 
Thanks to Martin Boam for publish this on M365 Partner Community on Yammer.

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