New Teams Phone Mobile Calling

 During the weekend I just saw a post in the flash on LinkedIN. If I'm not wrong the post was from Tom Arbuthnot @tomtalks.

So what is about? Well There are now two more operators in Teams Mobile.

Earlier we had in Sweden (Telia) and in Canada (Rogers Business)

Now we have got in Germany and USA.

I soon will guess more and more will come. But will this "kill" Direct Routing? I don't think so. Some times Operator Connect works for you. Some times Direct Routing is what you need.

If we look at Operator Connect, the traditional way we now have 45 "telcos" deliver this.

But as always choose what suits for you and your company. But keep in mind for Attendant choose someone who has support for:

  • Direct Routing
  • Operator Connect
  • Teams Phone Mobile 
  • Calling Plans
It's bad to not choose one that does not support all kind from Microsoft. 

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