New Year and lot's happens

 First of all happy new year. Let's hope 2021 will be better than 2020. But things happens around the world and here some news.


I started at the end of this year a new podcast. It's in Norwegian and is called Teams Cast Away and you find here on Spotify. Soon Episode #2 will be out. 

YeaLink Teams Phones

There was a bug in the firmware before x-mas so YeaLink had to create a new version. The new version tor the T-series is The old one was and the one the called back was You can upgrade your phones from Teams Admin Center. There is not any new feature in this firmware, just bug fixes.

Other stuff

I see in the marked that "Enterprise" customers now starts to use Enterprise Voice in Teams. This combined with Tendfor Switchboard and recording solutions. This is cool stuff I think and real good for the eco systems.

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