Unable to publish topolgi due to multiple entries found i AD.........

For a customer who got this multipool Lync 2013 running we had this strange error telling that it was not able to publish the topologi for Lync 2013. This error said it failed because of multiple entries i Active Directory for <name of the enpoint>.
When checking the Lync environment for this we did not find any multiple endpoints so there had to be something else causing this.
Well here is the solution to this problem:
1. take a note of the endpoint who has trouble, it will come out red in the error message
Fire up on a domain server ANSI edit and choose Configuration. Check this blog

2. Browse to CN=Trusted Services and then start to search for your dublicate. When this is located, take a backup of them and you will find information about it here
Then delete then duplicates, but keep one. It does not matters who you delete.

3. If you need to restore because you deleted all of them, well this is where you find information about how to restore it.

Now you can run enable-cstopology and it will work.
Thanks to my Co-worker Thomas Stubergh @skill for this information.

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