Back from MS Ignite 2017 in Orlando

Last week there was a great time for the Geeks like me. MS Ignite 2017 happen in Orlando. Huge and bigger than ever. They said there was about 30 thousand there. It was so big that they had to have it in 3 buildings. Something that made a lot's of walking. According to one of my friends we walked about 65 km that week.
The EXPO are was big and very interesting to meet all the sponsors, and to see how and what they can deliver in a ECO system.

If you look from a Skype for Business perspective, lot's has happend.
Thomas Binder told in a session that we now need to open for traffic on UDP ports 3479,3480 and 3481 as we already has open for UDP 3478, so this is important to inform your customer about. This should give better video experience.

Teams will get dialin conference and enterprise voice in O365 and integration with Cortana ofcourse. Teams will replace Skype for Business Online, and it should be interesting to see how Microsoft will integrate other countries like Norway to Enterprise voice in O365 where it looks and from what I have heard that they will not deliver. Teams in a hybrid way? or what about that? Great questions that need to be answered.
For Skype for Business Onprem, there will as I saw it one more version and as it named vNEXT. I guess we will hear more about that when times comes.

The session has become out and look at https://myignite.microsoft.com/videos to see them. I would like to recommend BRK4007 with Mark Russinovich. I was at the session and it was one of the best in the whole week.

I also had a meeting with KEMP Technologies, and they told me that now you can do LoadBalancing on the KEMP 360 Central. One of my MULA customers will be happy about that.

More about Teams, KEMP will come later during the next weeks.

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