M365 Copilot what shall we think about and not?

 As a SME (Subject Matter Expert) I have during the last 9 months worked with organizations that is planning or want to start to pilot a project where they want to take or get the advantage of M365 Copilot.

If you run a Copilot project for 50 or 5000 users, the process is the same. 

The most important one

When you want to start using Copilot for you personal, user adoption and training are the one part you want to do.
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You need to be care about, build and train people in small groups. Train them in two applications at the time. Use maybe 30-45 minutes on each sessions. Show off how to use Copilot. Get feedback from the users. Inform about Copilot LAB. 
Use Teams channels to have meetings with users, use Copilot in meetings to write MoM and more. Take the feedback from the users, use them to make the adoptions better.
Make your worker prompt experts by huge amount of training and education. 


Do you have control? Are you using Labeling on documents and sites. What about in email. How do you handle files that are in the wrong place. Archive of "dead sites" and sites not in use. Clean up before you go ahead.


When the project runs, you need to know about the usage. Build reports or gather this in some way. 

Do not do this

Well one thing you don't want do is just give the users M365Copilot and wish them good look. You want to have control of your data. Do not give access to Copilot all over the place. Like is it save to give Copilot webplugin and internet access. I would not do that from a security perspective, as the same I would not recommend to use work account on chatGPT either. 

Want to know more?

If you found this interesting and want to know more about it. You are more than welcome to contact me.

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