Teams and HELP function

 Ignite has gone online and was the end of last month (22-24 september 2020), TeamsFest October 2020 is finished (7th october 20202). MVP-dagen in Norway is today (8th October 2020) and is an online event.  Teamsdagen Studio in Sweden will come online soon.

Lot's happens in the Teams communites now. 

Today I will talk about the new HELP button in Teams 

Here is something new in the HELP button.

As we can see there are lot's of help here for the new user to Teams. Both for the regular user and also for Admins.

In the training TAB you now have lot's of short videos to watch. This is good for self study and to learn.

The last tab is what's new in your client. Click the links here and figure out the new feature for your client.

More news will come later on. #StaySafe

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